Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nasa's Cassini spacecraft to end 20-year Saturn mission

Slavery Enforced in WA

Evidence of ancient 'geological Brexit' revealed

Can Trump Match Xi Jinping’s Game?

What Was Lenin Thinking?

What Was Lenin Thinking? - The New York Times
He love Beethoven, but did not  understand the difference between  the  labor theory of value  and  marginalism.

In Dunkin’ Donuts Lawsuit, Man Accepts No Substitutes

Lacker Resigns From Richmond Fed

Retailers Drop as Bad News Keep Piling Up on 2017's Worst Stocks

NYPD officers accessed Black Lives Matter activists' texts,

Uber is '5,000 times worse than Google's Waymo at self-driving cars'

It's a Big Week for One of the Most Important Debates in Markets

Rick Scott wants more Death

How the government uses terrorism to justify surveillance

How We Misunderstand Mass Incarceration

Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s Searing Antiwar Speech, Fifty Years Later

Roman Polanski’s Request to Have Sexual Abuse Case Resolved Is Denied

Beating of Asylum Seeker in London Is Said to Be Hate Crime

Trump White House Pushes New Health-Care Deal

Uncovering the Secret History of Wall Street’s Largest Oil Trade

Ex-Trump adviser gave energy industry documents to Russian spy

China plans to build new city nearly three times the size of New York

Video released of police killing Utah man, firing at him with his own gun

Syria 'chemical attack' kills at least 35 people in Idlib province