Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Twittversal Drawl - 03

45: My mind was turning over being hidden - in NY, a Republican is the most awful of problems. You have to have money to avoid it. Alot.
46: When to my wondering eyes should appear - a face, as white as the come; with two blue eyes staring fully into mine. Without a blink.
47: I bent not an inch, but wonder what the message was. Could it be trusted? Was there a hint of strengthen voting procedures behind it?
48: Me: "Hello." Was the only thing on my mind - trivial, and should be delete on the twitter version of the novel, when I got around to it.
49: : Who, on twitter says hello? More often it is #dog or #caturday spam. Begging for some sort of attention amidst the #drones .
50: Afterall, would #POTUS say it? I doubt it. Let that be a rule for you: if @realDonaldTrump would not say it, you should not, either.
51: Let the space wrecked boys with their marooned ships play in other worlds – before they sign up for the #DoonPatrol to defend the #POTUS
52: So the Man came up close to me:
"We have seen you in the crowd, and want to talk to you - on behalf of someone who is near and dear."
51: Could this be a trap? Was it some agent of @HillaryClinton ? A way to lure me out - to proclaim #resisttrumptuesday on the election?
52: Expect me to give away my support for @realDonaldTrump - and all he hold dear - a white America, made red, white, and blue in the flag?
53: No #compassionate #consver from this man, only #kickbutt from @realDonaldTrump and his #PosseComitatus
54: Doesn't anyone watch “The Untouchables” any more? (Aside from @DouthatNYT, of course)
55: Me: “I do not know what you mean – I am look for the 4 in 5 @realDonaldTrump voters who are try to sway the election by voting twice!"
56: "We have got someone else on that - @StephenBannon of the #WhiteHouse. You do not have to worry about it - it is above your #paygrade."
57: He continued : "No, we have a different mission for you. You were in Iraq." But every real American was there, though @realDonaldTrump
58: has to hide it until #victory is achieved.
59: I have read the black-op sites: