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The Lion, the Witch, & C.S. Lewis - 7


    It is a powerful torrent of water, and it comes by night. The witch - like all of her adopted children - seeks out not the light, but the darkness, where it can do the most damage, and surprise all that surround them. This is why most of the folk do at least some time in the twilight that, if not entirely pleasant, is safer than the day. Even in perpetual ghostly patterns, at least half of then would prefer night as opposed to a cold morning winter. And the proportion grows if there are creatures that love darkness, and will feed amply. Not all of the blackest of black serve Queen, some of them avail themselves, but do not actually do much. As E. Gary Gygax pointed out, among several others, there is both good and evil, and law and chaos. The which was both evil and lawful, she wanted everything her own way. Many of her minions, however, just wanted to see things, as the film director wrote, they just wanted to see things bleed. That's Christopher Nolan by the way.

     I say this, because there in the dark were the witch, Eddie, and a footman who wasn't exactly loyal, going through the woods, along a path. They were never going to see the other three children, because those three children were not on a path. The beavers were chaotic, but only just, they wanted things their own way, but they wanted everyone to have their own way. Thus the witch wasn't going to find them, or indeed most of the talking animals, because the lawful good, if I may use that expression, will have been hunted down, or they would be with Aslan, who of course was the epitome of lawful good.

     Chaotic evil wanted to be near the witch, but not too near, to hunt out the smaller creatures and eat them. Though they would eat them slowly, and they would them alive as long as possible. To near the witch, and she would impress them, to do her dirty work. And remember chaos dislikes order, as much as evil hates good. So chaos once to be close to law to get goodies, but not so close as to be impressed to servitude. You have to know these words, because, without them, you will not get very far in explaining yourself.

    So just out of spell reach, there were the most unpleasant creatures, not only were they evil, but they were chaotic as well. And say what you will about the witch, she would not hurt someone without a good reason. It didn't have to be much of a reason, mind you.

     The witch was, in fact, thinking of what to do, they had been going through the trees, and she by her good memory, knew where to step to stay on the proper path. In fact, she almost didn't recognize that she was on a path at all, that part of her brain took care of things. She was thinking what to do once she had killed Eddie, because it was probably going to happen, but she was not quite sure yet. Almost, perhaps by the morning he would be dead.

     The branches were of the coniferous version, of the deciduous version had long since died. Here and there - there were frozen insects, they were the non-talking kind, frozen as if they had not gotten away. Also on the branches were several songbirds that were caught, singing away. Here and there - there were other signs that she, the witch that is, had taken over almost instantaneously. She turned to her footman, and rapidly screen sum orders. It was at that point that any decision to leap from the sleigh, and get away from her.

     What a chaotic mess it was! Notice that I'm using an Exclamation point, though Wikipedia calls it Exclamation Mark, and not just inside quotation marks. This is a sign of a subjective reader, not an objective one. Eddie tripped over the side, not being too good with his hands, the witch, who was better with her hands, but doing things with both, screamed out that he was getting away. The footman, who was at this moment crumpling a paper to one of his friends, found himself caught like a deer in the headlights. He did not expect the witch, or as he thought of her, the queen, to be ordering him around. Thus the entire sleigh was going over, with everyone pending for him, or her, self.

     What happened was that Eddie spilled down the whole, which had been dug by a family of groundhogs, and because it was night, he disappeared. Witch and the footman continued to tear across the field, not getting themselves together for about 40 m or so, by which time it was to late to figure out which whole Eddie had gone down.

     The witch was furious, and berated the footman quite a good deal, which didn't help at all. Gradually she came to realize that this would not do any good at all. So she took the reins of the slide, and after a quick look around, realized that she was not going to find the little boy.

     Eddie, for his part, only just realized that he'd been shunted down, below the ground, only he didn't know where. He saw a plain, but only for an instant. This was foothills and grass that had grown up. Aslan was getting to work. What Eddie knew was it was a strange dry hole, which probably was lived in. So he got going down the slalom ramp, which seemed to lead to the most likely group of inhabitants. Whatever they were, though he did not know whether they would be better or worse.

    Then he reached a branch, one side was just dirt and , sand, but the other side was ornate and older than the rest of it. He could see that there were symbols, carved in the ground. This was not something that could be duplicated. They were people, though they were stick figured people, the animals however were realistic, and they moved in herds. He could recognize a woolly mammoth, among many. The male was defending the path, while the female and a child escaped. They were not completely realistic, but they were close. Then he saw something strange, it was a lion, with a halo, the first time he had ever seen one on a lion, in Narnia, or on Earth, with a halo.

    What he did not know, was that someone was staring at him. He, that is the observer, wasn't very tall, and is saying something, but he was round. In fact, he was almost as wide as he was tall, but that was mainly fur. Then another set of eyes came forward, these were even smaller than the first pair of eyes, and their was something odd about. First of all, though this was not as odd as it seems, the eyes were completely black, but that is to of many creatures. And they were small, which is to of many fewer. But what is noticeable, is they did not have fur but feathers. If you will notice, CS Lewis doesn't really have birds, he has mammals, and he has also sorts of creatures which have men and have beast, but he doesn't really have birds. And it can't that all of the birds are small, because emu, and ostriches, are quite large. This was, therefore, a decision on his part that I am going to overrule. As did CS Lewis, when he decided that a mouse would be in the second book. Though to be fair, it was begun in the first book.

     Now what is most perplexing about this, is that CS Lewis usually has family, which are all of the same time, or crew, with a lot of people, but he doesn't usually pair to of different kind of animals. Which is, because normally CS Lewis would have a reason.

    So the top pair of eyes, that is the bird, looked at the human and said, “You're a peculiar kind of animal, you're not a mammal, you're not a bird, nor are you something like a faun. You look a little bit like a dwarf, but your way too tall.”

     Eddie looked at the two pairs of eyes, and they did not quite resolve. But he knew that one pair of eyes was a bird, and he guessed that the larger one was some sort of rodent, though a particularly large one.

    “In my world they are there is kind of life that has intelligence. It is only since I got here that I met all sorts of people, who have intelligence though they have different kinds of shape,” replied Eddie, in a bit of a huff, because though he has seen dwarfs, From his point of view, they could be human, as the witch. But before him, it was obvious that the this was different, and decided so.

     The mammal piped in: “What do you do you mean? Another planet, don't you realize that this planet is flat, and the sun revolves around it?”

     Eddie was just about to say that they thought the planet was flat, but in reality, it was round. And adult would positively know this. But it was false, Narnia and all of the lands were in fact flat. And so Eddie was right to hold his tongue. Instead, he said: “on my world, which is quite a good deal different from this world, the world is round so that if you start East, it will eventually go back around.”

    “Poppycock.” said the rodent, “I've never heard of anything so strange in my life.”

    “It could be true,” said bird, “the don't know if there are other planets, and Thomas has said that there was a strong chance. And Thomas is an expert.”

    “I will give you that Thomas is an expert, but I don't believe in this many world theory.” Of course, CS Lewis in his six books has a whole planet filled with worlds. Each one of them contained within a pond. And in the seventh book there is more detail.

    “And what is this place?”

    “We dug down and found, well look at it for yourself. Whatever it is, it's very old. I think it was made by woolly mammoths. Though they have not been here in our time.” this was the rodent.

    “Oh and by the way, what are your names. I'm Eddie, though my officials mean is Edward.”

    “Names? We never actually been given names,” Replied the rodent “though I knew ask Aslan for one. If he will give one to me.”

    “I would as well.”

     Eddie was going to say, just pick your own, but realized he had been given a name by his mother. Who knows, with excessive connections, he might have been like them, and had no name to call his own. So he said: “Why don't you join with me, and we will find your Aslan together.”

     The rodent and the bird quickly discussed this, and agreed that this was definitely the best approach. So they went all together, through the ornate vision of stairs, which were definitely part of the old. There to find what could be found.

     We are now separating from CS Lewis, and beginning an entirely new chapter, with the bird and the rodent not being any part of CS Lewis, and being mine creation alone. I don't know whether there will be other creations, but I certainly hope so. It would be so dull to remain faithful, when there are six other books to pillage from. And that's only the start, because there is also the space trilogy, and something The Screwtape Letters. On further afield, works from JRR Tolkien, who did not like an amalgamation of the form that it took. There are other characters, but those are the featured characters in the works.

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The Lion, the Witch, & C.S. Lewis - 6


    Three children followed the beaver long way back to his, rather his and his wife's, very spacious dam. Not only was it large, and had three young adults learning their trade - but this was the place where a host of activities leading the resistance gathered. Believe me, after one hundred years there will definitely be resistance to the witch, for they did not ever use 'Queen' in polite conversation. There were committees, and they actually did something. There were committees to take care of children while their parents were off doing something, there were committees to collect all sorts of objects, and even committees to turn other individuals - like Thomas for example - and keep tabs on what they were doing. (They - that is the Queen guard, though I will repeat no one called that in polite company.)

    This activity had gone on for a long time even though there was no Aslan anywhere to be found. Actually, Aslan was around, but he was not pleased with certain conditions which were going on, and shook his head at the worst of them. The stories would be told quite well after the fact, though in this time it didn't seem clear why Aslan was taking his time. This is normal, people don't like to think they're at fault, even when they are.

    The beaver stopped at the waterfront, and was perplexed. How would he get the children below, when they didn't look like they could. Presently the mama came up and filled in, from the log cabin to one of the branches, and the three children were soon nestled inside. It was surprisingly warm, but then they were talking beavers and they liked it this way, as opposed to a non-talking beavers, who wanted just one enough, and not a good deal more than that.

    Once inside, while the children were hungry but more interest in details of Aslan, and beaver children were not on some bark, that being what they ate, mom and papa were huddled down, and keeping quiet, it is to be time to talk of many things.

    “When I went out to check on the rumors, I had a premonition that this time was going to be different. We have had lots of rumors, mind you, but they turned out to be false, or at least not confirmable.” Begin the Papa Beaver. “ but there was something different.”

    “Even before you went out, there was patches of green grass, or at least things that would become green grass when they had had some time to work their magic.”

    “There no magic, just they need to warm up first,” replied Papa.

    “Will have this discussion later, first we have to explain that there has been summer in, well more than my time,” said Ma.

    “So there is no end to the winter?” explained Peter.

     “None at all.” Explained Papa.

    “How dreadful!” Said Lucy. Which is the first exclamation point that I used. And their won't be many others, because they should be preserved for people talking, not the narrator.

    “That's how we, I won't say new, but fairly close to it.” Explained Papa.

    “Well that's how he knew, I just had a warm feeling in the back of my toes.” My
always sentimental these sorts of things, and she wore her heart on her sleeve at these particular moments. Papa was a little more subdued, but he looked at her with great deal more warmness then was justified as only a friend. It was clear that there was not a fresh bloom, but more than a quiet companionship that was there.

    Both Sandra and Peter were uncomfortable about this, because they were just barely able to know what was going on between, the two of them, but not able to grasp the details. Since they were precocious, there was no denying what was felt, but as the two older animals were passed and only rarely fill the kind of friskiness, the two children were not able to grasp all that was there. That is they knew what was going on, but didn't know all that they should.

     Peter, the underneath he felt bashful, was going to get on with Business. In his heart he knew this was important for him most of all, because then he did not know the extent of it, this was his life's work. When you are 12, and very few 12's know this, your life is just beginning. “So what do we do now?” He was taller and stronger than just a few minutes ago, these were his people, however long, or short, it was his command that would be. He was the right choice, from well far back in his life. He was more than strong, into command with just the voice.

    “Well, first of all, we need to force. One which will take which take the which head on, and one which will storm her castle while she is attempting to crush us.” at the same time that Papa was reciting this, Mama was getting out a few maps and showing everyone we're a few things were, there was the event lamp post, where they had come in to Narnia, the Witch's stronghold which neither faced the East or the West but was landlocked, and the mighty Caer Parevel, which unlike the Persian references is Celtic, because truly deep down in his soul, he wanted to have Celts leave here mark, though he recognized that everything from Celtic to the far reaches of Indian, were speaking the same language and deserved recognition.

    “So what about Eddie, he needs to be in this too, and but for the witch 'will grab them and pardon for him.'” said Peter, with neither pomp, nor circumstance.

    “First of all, we need to know whether or not which is that there are four, and exactly for of you. Is she does, she will bargain away to get Aslan to surrender himself.” This was the Papa of course, he was a bit pompous in that way, though he would not admit such a thing.

    “What if Eddie has a plan, not everyone is so... well, standoffish is the only word I can think of.” This was Sandra talking. Though she was not as old, she was even more precocious than Peter, and she knew that while she was not going to be the high Queen, In this, or any other set of books, she could be the power behind the throne, which was not to bad, but it had disadvantages that she would talk to the creator about. When she could find out who he, and it was definitely a he, was.

     This was a surprise, that is thinking that a human would have an original idea, which was foreign to an animal's mind, took some getting used to. As usual, mama grasped it first, but as usual she let Papa blurred it out, thinking that he was first.

    “Why would he do something like that, and less it was...” no one around the table had heard of “free will” and it was only vaguely a concept, but the children had a good idea that it was in operation.

     Then Lucy piped up, with amazing decision: “Because he does not know Aslan, and wants to be the hero in his of story.” Which made sense, even if the witch had told him about Aslan, which she had, it was going to be a distorted picture, because the Queen, in her mind, was the hero the story. And this was the rub, though everyone wants to be the story, most of the time there are only a few to hero, and rest just pretend to be. And what's more, everyone else sees clearly the person they are talking with isn't truly the hero, though they carefully don't realize that if it applies to everyone else in the world, it applies to “me”, whichever me that is.

     This sent off a storm of chattering amidst the beavers, because, while the children new such a concept, though they did call, not no exactly what it was called, the beavers word perplexed. But after quarter of an hour, they, that is the beavers, decided that this was ordained in this kind of story. Realize that Virginia Wolfe has written a very different kind story, which was just getting popular around that time.

    “Well I guess you know something about Aslan which we don't, so will take your word on it, even though it seems quite strange to us.”

    “Maybe that's why they're here.” Reminded Mama.

    “I guess you're right.” Opinion Papa. I really do need to get rid of these two-word expressions, they're not my style, and they sound dated to my ear. But then, I don't like people talking when anyone can figure-out, if only it takes a little effort. However, most people disagree with me, and it seems like I am going to be forgotten.

    “We should decide whether this is all we have to do.”

    “There is one step that we have to take.” this was Mama, because she knew that Papa wasn't going to figure it out. “ we have two go to the Broken Stone Table, because that is the place where Aslan will be killed by the witch, and both of them know that he is going to make some powerful magic to escape. And she does not know what it is, but she will bet she can get the upper hand. It is, how should one say, the stone under his claw.”

    “I hope you mean that metaphorically.” This was, of course, Sandra talking, because she didn't like things like claws to come into the picture.

    “In our world, everybody has claws, why would Aslan be any different?” Blurted out Mama, forgetting her manners.

     It was at that point that the three children realized that Aslan was probably not from Earth, but from Narnia. It didn't settle well with them, but the realization was more and more visible. Then it happened, they used to be from earth, but now more and more, they wear from Narnia, and things were different in these parts.

    “I wonder what will happen when we go back.” Muse Sandra, “That is if we ever do go back at all.”

    “I hope we don't go back and tell we are quite old.” this cry was, of course, from Lucy. “ it may be a small kingdom.” She looked at the map and saw that it was quite small even to her mind. “but there is, well it's ours, and now won't be the same in the other world.”

    “That is to be decided later, right now we have to rescue best place from the trouble. Which we are partly to blame for.” If you can't tell that is Peter, I don't know what I can do for you. The voice is so Peter it's not funny. Peter did not know how long he had on this earth, but more people than he would have liked found themselves with not much time at all. So he was prepared to take what he had, and enjoy every minute of it.

    “I mean let's face it, we could be walking and then,” Saundra made a motion with both her hands, “blame, were dead just because someone wanted to use their gun.”

    “What's a gun?” Replied Papa. You see what I mean by to word apostrophes? It very annoying.

     The children realize that the children of 1950 were going to live a long life, though their parents, including CS Lewis, would recognize. But that didn't include them at all, they would be gun down, or some other worse fate, or hidden away in prison because that was the degree of things.

     Even though it was not inevitable and tell it had been decided by men with lots of money, and is was generally men making the decisions, and they were white and rich.

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The Lion, the Witch, & C.S. Lewis - 5


    You might think that I'm going to tell the same story that he, CS Lewis, told and that might be what I would do so if I were writing a post that is in my teens. But here is where it goes wrong. First of all, I don't like the way Eddie is portrayed, first: he gets Turkish Delight, then: he is chained to the reindeer, which it you think about it is strange. What's also strange is that The Witch does seem to be motivated, not only does she put her charge in chains, but she doesn't even care about his three companions. Don't get me wrong, there have been intermittently incompetent people, who will do almost anything to screw things up, so it's not surprising in that respect. But if you're going to take a picture villainess, you might as well do it well, so that they are real companions will learn something. I also rather suspect, if you don't mind, that be would not think of Turkish delight as the first thing on his mind, there are a few good renditions of it, most of the use rather bland. If you know where to find it, often in a large city, you can try some for yourself.

     So in her ire, she scheming how to turn things to their best example. She remembered living on Charn, which was oriental, and her hints mimicked that style of long tapering movements, and elongated movements. She was not proud of this, is merely something that she did, neither more nor less. She was practical, and level-headed, and so did not notice this at all. She noticed that her companion news but it was only something that he watches, and did not feel anything about it. She was a scheming person, all the way down through to the inside, and what's more, she was going to change, unlike Eddie who was just gone through a phase, and would eventually snap out of it, if someone like The Witch did not interfere.

     In other words, they knew a great deal about each other, and each one hoped they were one aspect which would be hidden from the other. In any Eddie's it was very simple, and transparent to the Queen: he wanted power, and he thought that in time, if he will survive long enough, there would be no more queen, and he could take over. What he did not know was she had a secret, that anyone could have told him, if only he would listen: that was she was immortal, and so there was no reason for her to give one inch of her power. You can see, that her secret was a great deal more useful than his was. She just needed to keep her secret from him, which wouldn't be surprising since all of her minions were not talking, and the rest of Narnia, now, would not speak to Eddie and less they really had to, and not on the topic of her immortality. They were only going to say what he did to be said, and not one bit more. Though they were honest, and not lie for the sake of lies. It is only a very few creatures which will lie. Human beings among them.

    “So, what is your purpose? You can call me by Jadis, which his mind secret name, all the rest refer to me as Queen.” she began with a mellifluous - that's with a magnificent flourish - beginning.

     “I just wanted to hide from Peter, when I came into this place,” he said.

     Now in another context, anyone else would not realize that they are was any other place than Narnia, or lands associated with it. But Jadis new that there were planets connected to this one which with magic you could go-between. Eddie did not realize that he was talking to someone who had traveled between worlds, and was preparing a trap for him. She even knew that he was probably from Earth, because she had briefly visited. And if you read book 6 you'll realize, she didn't like Earth at all.

     Instead, with the same tone of voice, she continued: “Do you have other friends?” if it had been Lucy, Peter, or Sandra, they would have said "yes" immediately, but Eddie was warned, though he wouldn't exactly know how, and began to realize that the Queen, or Jadis, which CS Lewis took from French, meaning long ago, or Persian, where it meant “witch”, or probably both. Of course, Eddie did not realize this, speaking neither French nor Persian. Let this be a lesson to you:  the more languages the better.  Even if the computer can translate from one to the other,  how will you know if the translation is correct?

    “Just Peter.” he replied, though the witch knew better. That's the thing about dishonest people, they know when they are talking to other dishonest people, in the main. She also knew that there were two boys, Eddie and Peter, and she would have to assume that there were at least two girls. So, she had to get all of them together. The problem was there could be more than four, and so she would have to get all of them. Because if there were four or more, it wouldn't do any good to dispose of Eddie, and leave only three.

    “You must take us to where Peter is, and we will... persuade him that he would do best to join us. There are two very powerful warlords, Aslan and Tash, who would love to sink their teeth in to mine small realm of Narnia.”  In this she meant, and he got it, that Peter would be subservient, if not actually dead.

    “Do you want some food? After all, it may take some time to persuade Peter, when we can find him.”

     Now several things were spinning in his mind. One of these was why we're the room was bright was it kept so dim, there just wasn't something quite right about that. The other thing was he was sure that when they reached Peter, she would find out about the two girls. And, though he was not sure about this, he was sure that he would be treated the same way as the other children, and he realized that that was going to be nasty. So, there was a creeping worry that this was going to be out. And while he did not care about Peter, Lucy, or Sandra, he did care about himself.  it was at this point that he realized that the Queen was not going to be a friend: he would have to play along until he could get away. 

    “Why is this room so dark, when it could be brighter?” he asked.

    “Before my time they liked it than bright, rare as I like it quite a bit dimmer, so I turned the lights down.” What she did not say was that she was older than this room and everything else in this world, but she did not want to disturb the way things were, in case there was some magical that she didn't know, there were a lot of things which were like this. She didn't want to medal with anything, incase there was a trap. Because that's the way she would have done, though most people would not have.

     Then at that moment, she turned her eyes away to address some correspondence to Hasta Olmak, the guardian of the northern border, where things were much rowdier than even Narnia, not only were the Giants not able to take instructions, they were quite dim. And dim Giants were not what the Queen wanted. At that moment, he looked across the table and tried to see if there was something he could palm, in order to use it later. Fortunately, there was, a knife, which slid between his thumb and forefinger to keep in his pocket. Then as quickly as she turned away to answer the correspondence, she was again centered on Eddie, but he had done his work.

    “I'll tell you a secret.” Proclaimed The Witch, though she had her reasons, they were not good.

    “What's that?”

    “I was not born in Narnia, or on any place else on this planet. And I think you are saying why. Am I right?” The Witch said.

     He didn't seem like much of a leap. “Yes, how did you know?”

    “Most humans, indeed all the I have met, are from Earth, and most of my kind, are from a world called Charn, or a related planet. Thus I felt you to be from Earth.” She did this to confirm what she already suspected.

    “Why is that important?”

    “It means we're alike. All of the native populations, don't have anything but living to attend to. It's only we, from other worlds, which wish to strive for something better.” She put an emphasis on this, hoping that that would be enough to calm Eddie. Of course, she meant power. And it might have worked just a few minutes before, but now Eddie was on edge, and knew that the Queen, The Witch, or Jadis, did not mean him anything like the best for him. He looked outside, there were for stairs up on the second level, but he did not know if they had troops -  he suspected that there were. He was right, there were troops gathering even as they spoke.

     Then searched, for windows, or other things that might be a means of escape, but this did not see. It was almost as if he was being tracked, and that he would be trapped, and that was never a good feeling.

     But the Queen wasn't concerned about whether or not he was frightened, or nervous, because she had moved on, and she was thinking about other topics.  this is often the defect with devious people,  they assume that a person will be the same when they turn their attention back.  However, non-devious people are not always simpletons, far from it. 

     Just then a footman entered in to be room, with two other men beside him. They were a good deal shorter than you would expect, and in human terms they would be dwarfs, but there was something odd about them that made it clear they were not little people, but fully formed, and if I had time I would show you the difference between them and little people.

    “We have the faun that you asked us to bring back.”

    “Yes, yes, putting down over there.” the Queen replied, though she had only a little brain to worry about him, she had long since devoted enough time, she saw, to Thomas - because this was exactly the faun that Lucy had met. If she had just a little bit more brainpower, she would have connected that this faun was the same one that had found Lucy. But she didn't quite have that much brain power left, and it wasn't as if she'd actually asked whether this one was human, and that his all the difference in the world.

    But Eddie saw something quite different, he had never seen anything that was condemned to die, and it was not pretty, even though it was not human, there were signs that it had feelings. He looked up and down the whole figure, and every minute change was represented. The only difference was, he was gray and cold, and he realized that everything was just the way it would be represented.

     Reaching out to touch him, and under his breath, to low to resolve, he said: “Goodbye little faun.” He saw packages which were turned to stone, and realized that they had caught him unaware, and that to was sad. What has he been thinking of? Here was a perfectly good faun, changed to stone, and it was going to stand perfectly still. And then he realized that there were eyes in the faun which were circling his own, as if to say that there was something recognizable. And not was truly horrible to think that the faun could recognize his face, and to nothing about it.  then he thought of the mice that killed, and realized they were in the same position.  which made him think very long and hard,  about who should die and who should live. Moreover,  if one had to kill something,  one had best do it efficiently and cleanly -  rather than taking time to enjoy it.

    “Come to me, little man, we have work to do.” she motioned with her right arm, continent that he was hers, and would do anything at least for a short while. Then he would learn that she was greater than he was. But he knew that already, told by the eyes of a faun.

    He stared at the faun one last time, and then followed The Witch, who was now nothing to him but a witch. Then clambered outside into the snow, and he faintly saw that there was grass, and he didn't remember seeing that before. Then he saw the witch, who was truly shaken, and tried not to display any sort of feeling, but there was a discussed that only just registered. And then he knew that things were going wrong, and he had to get away. If he did not go because of the faun, he might have been just aware enough to retreat in the face that was coming. You and I will know this has Christmas Eve, and it was the sign that the forces of Aslan were coming back to rescue Narnia. But one of the things that were on the list, was to get Eddie back on side - actually, it was very important, though neither the witch, or indeed anyone, knew that. But there were signs that few would miss in the coming hours.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Day Before the Revolution

The Lion, the Witch, & C.S. Lewis - 4


    We leave alone Eddie, though we will get back to him - and pick up from the three other children. The two other children did not see Eddie go into the wardrobe, instead, they saw Lucy opening the door.

    Peter bellowed out: “Your it, Lucy. Give us a count of 10, slowly.”

    Lucy stared at the two older children, and looked at her feet. She mumbled something, and did not look up at them.

    “What was that?” the girl cried out. “I didn't hear you.”

     “I said that Eddie is behind the wardrobe wall.” This did not make sense, what did she mean by behind, instead of inside? Was she just being Lucy about things, and she meant that “behind” as soon “outside of” perhaps? Or was it something else? Peter looked behind, as in going around the outside and checking to see whether Eddie was outside of the wardrobe. Began back around and said: “There is nobody there.”

    “I didn't say he was behind wardrobe, I meant he is behind it the on inside.” She sniffed as if it made perfect sense.

    Of course, it did not make any sense at all to the older children. “What do you mean, exactly, by that?” Ask Peter. Adding the phrase “by that” was a way of nodding to his teacher, who often used the phrase when he was lecturing. Peter did so unconsciously by this point.

    “He is inside the wardrobe, and outside in the world.”

    “In here?” asked Sandra, “You do realize that's quite absurd on the face of it.” At this point she removed the wardrobe and pointed inside, thinking that there would be a “behind” at the bottom of this.

     Then something wondrous happened. Peter and Sandra each pulled on one of the doorways, just to show Lucy how absurd it was, when there was outside creeping in through the doorway, just as if nothing had happened. There was a peak of green from the trees, and blue from the sky, though it was almost starting to turn towards night. It was not a scene out of Earth, because nowhere on earth could you have a blue that was towards the middle of the day, a crimson on the westerly horizon, and a black towards the east. It was quite a strange combination, indeed.

    The two older children appeared quite slowly into it, not being sure how it happened. They were treated to a magnificent sky, filled with an umber, in the very small corners, to a rich opalescent tableau in the center. It was quite the sight, and it did not miss a beat as if every wardrobe in the world shown like this. Outside in their world, it was gray- and rainy - as gray as it came. There were lights, and if you looked very closely, you can see people going about their business with small building.  No one, at least no one who would care to mention it, looked up into the window, and saw what was there.

    The children did, and looked at everything, down to the smallest of leaves, and the great orb of the sun, which was quite a good deal larger than our own sun, but much dimmer. If this were science fiction, even high science fiction, it would mean that the sun was dimmer, but he had not thought of this, I think, in the first book. Which is a little strange, because the sun is a great deal smaller than the earth, and in range of least one giant to snuff it out. Read his last book in the series

     On the other hand, in stories written a long time ago, they didn't even think about the sun having a range at all, or there were quiet rumblings which noted that the sun was a good deal further away than they thought possible. So the imagining of this world is from a time where people knew that sun was a good deal further away, but they wanted to pretend that it was much closer than was possible. Such is the strangers of a time which is closer than close, but once to be further away into the blurring distance.

    The two older children were amazed, simply amazed, but Lucy pointed to the sun and said: “See, I told you he was inside the wardrobe, and outside in the fresh air.” Which was not exactly what she said, but small children do not recognize that they have misremembered what they said.

    “I don't believe it.” Which Sandra said in order to believe, whereas Peter would have said it and meant that he really did not believe. This is the difference between most boys and most girls, girls really want to believe, and most boys want desperately not to believe - perhaps your experience might be different from mine.

Lucy went into the coats - real fur, by the way, the feel luxuriant - grabbing a short one as she passed into the forest, all the time feeling pamper. Peter was next, and just barely grabbed a coat from the arms of Sandra, who then placed a coat on her self. Then they were off together with Lucy leading the way, but she was not going to Thomas' place, because she remembered that the Queen's henchmen would already have been there, which removes one part of the story that CS Lewis had. Don't get me wrong, it's very good story snippet, but it doesn't actually make sense, Lucy would have known better than to even try it.

    “So where are you we going?” Asked Sandra.

    “We are going to find out where Eddie went to, would be my guess.” That was Peter of course.

    “Wherever he is, he's in trouble, bank on it.” Sandra said. Don't you hate this “this person said”, “that person said”, it really is a pain, which is why I don't do it in my story arc. After a while it really claws at the edges, and yet most people do it. It must be standard practice, and they don't even think about it. But it's annoying none the less.

    Anyway, they all agreed that we're ever it was that Eddie had gotten him so into, it was the worst possible situation he could have gotten into. Only they didn't know that it was that much trouble.

    What they did know, was that Eddie was thrashing around, aimlessly, going this way and that. They couldn't make out all of the tracks, but they found one pair of tracks out, which must be the one he decided on in the end. Then they saw a point where he stopped, and hit behind a tree, and then walked out in two plain sites.

    “There is trouble,” commented Sandra.

    “What kind of trouble do you think it is?”

    “Look at the...” that was Lucy, and she did not know that there were reindeer, because she had not seen them, even on TV. And real animals were not her favorites.

    “It seems unlikely that they were horses, perhaps deer, though I never have seen them...” and then he stopped to, because this was not on earth, nor was it in the city, and this had delivered a blow, that had only just begun to sink in to all of their heads. They want on earth, they weren't in the city, and there were no parents anywhere. It was just them, and only them. At that moment through three of them realized that they were truly alone.

    “If Eddie were not missing, the could go back and pretend that none of happened.” cried Sandra. But Peter interrupted her.

    “I didn't see any wardrobe behind us, it was gone. Is that how you recollect it?”

     Gradually all three children began to understand that they were trapped in this other place, until whatever it is they had to do here was finished. And first stop was to get Eddie, from the hands of his captor.

    They split up and moved down the trail, towards what looked like a basin that was traveled over, there were a set of tracks. Clearly, these were deer tracks, not hoof prints, Because they clearly were by bi- not mono-. I realize that bi- and mono- are definitely not at the grade level that I'm trying to achieve, but they look nice and there is no reason for them to get themselves into trouble, because they are short enough to get by. Why should they be excluded, when “by” his all right?

     They stared at deer tracks, and if they had been any holder they would have divine a good number of things, but Peter was 12, and they ran down the scale, so there grasp was very good, especially in what could be call “mountainous” regions that they, as city folk, were not privy to. They were, as my grandmother would say, flummox, and modifying the word that is, even though you don't hear it so often. They were jostling and nudging, and even at the verge of a fight between Peter and Sandra. They were not the most well-behaved people and the world.

     At this moment, Lucy put her foot down and said “Is this what we're like when no one sees as?” the older two children stopped and were both ashamed, their aunt would be very cross with them, and so they said then selfs on their best behavior. And then something caught Peter's eye - though only for an instant.

    “You there, behind the tree, what are you staring at?” Explained Peter.

     At first, there was no movement, but then there was shivering, and over that, hemming, though that was largely under the control of whoever was behind the curtain. It was a little taller than Lucy, though shorter than Eddie, and it was coated with fur, and of course, this being the part where Peter, Sandra, and Lucy discovered beavers, was, of course, a male beaver. He was twice as tall as an ordinary beaver, and if you really looked at him, there would be something odd. And then it was discovered what it was. He could talk.

     But he didn't want to, at least not until the humans talked, because he had never seen an actual talking human before. Very few people in Narnia did. And mostly they were Queen and a few giants, and without exception, except Aslan, they were thoroughly nasty people.

    “You wouldn't hurt you, we promise,” Sandra promised, and she really did mean what she said. Oh by the way, do you believe in book 7 she was a traitor? It doesn't seem right to me, why would the person betray someplace that she had spent years growing to love? There were characters which had a great deal less to gain.

     Finally, the beaver piped up, and said: “Your friend is off with the queen, that is not the story that we tell here. There have to be four, no more, no less. I suppose me and Ma Beaver will have to rescue you, because there isn't anyone else.” Papa Beaver was very matter of fact, much more so than CS Lewis would have liked.

    “You would like to come with you.” said Peter. The girls both nodded in ascent. One thing children believe, is there is nothing wrong with talking animals.

    “You do realize that Aslan will want to see you.” Explained the beaver, “ and he may be rough in his aspect.”

    “Who is Aslan?” Queried Sandra.

    “He is son of The King Over the Water.” This was the beaver talking, obviously.

    “You're a monarchy, how quaint.” Sandra replied.

    “What other kind of system do you have?” Asked the beaver.

    All three of them decided not to get into this, partially because it would be obvious which country they came from. And, other Peter, did really did not know how their country works. Sandra knew that the grown-y-up that where in charge did know, either.

    “It doesn't matter, since, the moment, we are in... exactly which country are we in any way?” Peter queried.

    “Why, Narnia of course.” The beaver almost wrinkled his forehand, as if anyone would know which country they are in.

    “Then we are going to do things the Narnian way. So can we speak to the King Over the Water, or do we have to rely on Aslan?” Replied Peter.

     “I have never heard of anyone talking directly to the King Over the Water, and I doubt it's ever been tried.” As they were talking they were also trailing behind the beaver, over hills and dales. Until finally they came to a pond which was clearly a beaver pond. “Let's go inside, you never know who might be listening.”

     So they did, and we will pick up their tale in a very short while.