Friday, October 28, 2016

British court rules Uber drivers should get minimum wage

More senators ask for DEA data on issues raise

Oregon militia standoff trial: shock and anger after Bundys found not guilt

Trump Supporters Say They Want a Revolution

How to Design the Perfect City Intersection

Climate change could flip Mediterranean lands to desert

US primate research centers investigated for abuses

Supreme Court takes up school bathroom rules for transgender students

A More Money-Conscious Alphabet Emerges

A Presidential Friendship Has Many South Koreans Crying Foul

FBI to reopen investigation of Clinton private email server

Kirk apologizes for questioning Duckworth’s heritage

Beethoven Project: Susanna Ogata & Ian Watson

Julia 3 - Das Urteil - 0

Das Urteil

To Jim Lazenby

An introduction has many features, because there are subsets which occupy a niche in the family of prefaces. One is written far beyond the day that the introduction was written for, and will tell people certain things that have become known in the interval. other introductions are to lay down hints which need to be known, but are not part of the action. This is not as obscure as you might think, for early versions of concert works have the same problem, for example Berlioz originally had more complex introductions to "Symphonie Fantiques", but withdrew them after they had worn out there welcome, and thus, they were known, but no longer ascribed.

Of course, this preface is exactly of this kind. There needs to be some hint, which if the hint is satisfied, will become known, and if it is not, doesn't need to be known. But there is the warm, and that someday some bleary eyed scholar will come across this, and realize that it is actually important. But by this time you and I will be dead.

What would like to be said, but not in the actual context, is two inspirations for this work, which are in fact said, but only indirectly. One is the classic film by Wong Kar-Wai, inappropriately termed “In the Mood for Love”, though that is an afterthought based on something which it needed to be called. In Cantonese, it has a different title entirely, which has that brief collision, in the name of a expression. The other part is even more obscure, but when given the first hint, will suggest itself almost instantly.
These facts are actually in the work, and elliptically so, there is also the part where the directors name is spelled out in the first letters of the section. That is to say, taking the first letter the directors name will be spelled out. With these two hints the flow of the language will make a great deal more sense. But you have to see it with your own eyes, because more spelling out would ruin the effect. And once in a while, someone will see this on their own, and even if the author is dead, there will be a reflection. That is, of course, if anyone reads this work at all. But time is on the side of the work living, because it is not the first work that I have finished.

So the work is finished, and it will be dropped on the lap of someone who might, yet, understand why the introduction is for them entirely.


it is a resonance moment,
a moment in soundtrack expanded,
but not a moment in film,
a beautiful moment that never was.

Did Trump and Clinton Get a Pass on Education?

U.S. Economic Growth Rebounds

Americans Are Dying Faster. Millennials, Too

Clinton fails to contain the damage from email leaks

Clinton fails to contain the damage from email leaks | TheHill

The election is over, and Hil gets no respite.

La Nina

Dispatches from the frontline: Bernard-Henri Lévy on the road to Mosul


For the good of the country,  cartoonists have waited until now to hit Hillary,  even when as juicy a target as Trump presented itself.

Tammy Duckworth slurred by opponents question

Over Easy

How the Brown Rat Conquered New York City

Small Factories Emerge as a Weapon in the Fight Against Poverty

China’s president consolidates power

Wall Street’s Frantic Push to Hire Coders