Sunday, September 18, 2016

Manhattan Bombs Built for Carnage Provide a Trove of Clues

Wall Street Thinks It's High Time to Monetize Pot

The Sorcerer of Jazz


A History of David Foster Wallace’s “The Pale King”

Enriching reunion with a hobbit and Mrs Frisby

Why Pluto’s Moon Charon Wears a Red Cap

Oil Investors Flee as OPEC Freeze Hopes Face Supply Glut Reality

Another Albee Tribute

Wars over Trump

Who will win, who deserves to win

Financial troubles put many communities at risk

Put Globalization to Work for Democracies

My Teenage Obsession With ‘How Things Work’

Salesforce Unveils Artificial Intelligence ‘Einstein’ Service

Funds Dump Gold at Fastest Pace Since May as Fed Outlook Shifts

‘Westworld’ Makes Robots the Sympathetic Heroes

Turkey Is Supporting the Syrian Jihadis Washington Says It Wants to Fight

Clinton’s Sick Days

Worst. President. Ever.

Worst. President. Ever. - POLITICO Magazine
There worst president ever. GW is the worst 2 termer.

Supreme Court fight colors battle for the Senate

Arts - a Universe Expands

Dolphins sit out anthem after police union says they have forfeited free speech

World's oldest fish hooks found in Japanese island cave

Partisan Divide, Economic Pessimism Drive U.S. Voter Attitudes

Merkel Party Slumps in Berlin Vote

Putin’s United Russia Gets 45% in Duma Election, Exit Poll Shows

Warning Indicator for China Banking Stress Climbs to Record

‘The Whole Harmonium’

South Korean Spy Agency’s Fabrication of Enemies


Tough conditions for the Atlantic - both just hanging in.
Tropical Depression JULIA Forecast Discussion
Tropical Storm KARL Forecast Discussion

New WTD - outside chance it may become something.
Tropical Depression SEVENTEEN-E Forecast Discussion

Dozens dead and missing after typhoon lashes eastern China

Postscript: Edward Albee, 1928-2016

How to Care for Your New Cast-Iron Skillet

25 Hurt in Possible Explosion in Chelsea

I shouldn’t put ketchup on a burger?

Visegrad Group of EU states 'could veto Brexit deal'