Thursday, September 8, 2016

Late to the Fight Against Predator Schools

Having Trouble Hiring? Try Paying More


Moore confirms he is retiring from creating comic books

Atomic Explosion?

Freedom Caucus eyes biggest power grab since Boehner

Not for Sale: The Best Land in America

Trump slams 'lies' about him supporting the Iraq War

1 in 5 Seafood Samples Is Fak

5 Corporations Now Dominate Our Privatized Intelligence Industry

More Evidence Employers Are Struggling to Fill the U.S. Job Void

Who Stole My ‘Star Trek’?

Syria's world war

What Is Aleppo, Gary Johnson?

What Is Aleppo, Gary Johnson?

Clearly, the freep market does not need to know.

Fed Urges U.S. Ban on Wall Street Buying Stakes in Companies

How Airbnb plans to fix its racial-bias problem

Dogs are born with ears and tails. They should get to keep them.

Her marriage was the jewel in her blog universe.

Hillary Clinton finally gave a news conference.

How to Get Companies to Stop Lowballing Women

Whale Hunters of the Warming Arctic

DNA confirms cause of 1665 London's Great Plague

Master Class

World War II Economy Is a Master Class in How to Fight Climate Change - Bloomberg

You must tax the rich and the poor.... right now we do not tax the rich.

Matt Lauer Fields Storm of Criticism

Matt Lauer Fields Storm of Criticism Over Clinton-Trump Forum - The New York Times

The problem with media is they want viewers,  not politics,  per se.

Trump's shrinking swing state map

Gary Johnson asks: 'What is Aleppo?'

Gary Johnson asks: 'What is Aleppo?' | TheHill

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson: 'What is Aleppo?' - POLITICO
The party of fail, has failed.  Aleppo  is possibly mentioned in Dante,  that is how long it has been in the lexicon.  The problem with our system,  is that even the parties who would wish to have power, do not know what their talking about.

Recession-proof your expat salary

The Shell Game Behind a $43 Billion Market

Forum Offers Preview of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Presidential Debate

Why a Chemical Banned From Soap Is Still in Your Toothpaste

Judge Orders Connecticut to Overhaul Its School System

Malaria stopped with single dose of new compound

Biggest Oil Traders See Another Year of Pain as Glut Persists

Uber drivers can’t resolve issues through class-action lawsuit