Monday, August 22, 2016

Labor, NXT senators, Greens maintain plebiscite is 'pointless'

Students face tough choices as rents surpass Celtic Tiger peak in Ireland

Stanford bans liquor from parties

Turkey Kurdish wedding bomber 'may not have been child'

Bangkok's disappearing street food

Saudi Arabia Kills Civilians

Seven changes needed to save the euro and the EU |

GOP mega-donor funds group calling pro-Palestine US students 'Jew haters'

Emails: Clinton aide arranged meeting with foundation donor

Hillary Clinton Campaign Reserves Another $80 Million

Sandy vs Unnamed

Why many veterans are sticking with Trump

Hillary Clinton’s 15,000 New Emails to Get Timetable for Release

A Visual History of Rock and Roll, Room by Empty Room

‘I wasn’t crazy.’


America’s First Offshore Wind Farm May Power Up a New Industry

Federal Transgender Bathroom Access Guidelines Blocked by Judge in Texas

Nearly 1,800 Killed in Philippine Drug War

Hillary Clinton emails recovered by FBI to be released just before election day

The Stolen War

Why Hillary Clinton Might Win Georgia ...but won't

Why Hillary Clinton Might Win Georgia - The New York Times
There won't be anyplace to sell goon papers...

Dodging Accountability

Sean Hannity Turns Adviser in the Service of Donald Trump

Sean Hannity Turns Adviser in the Service of Donald Trump - The New York Times
The problem with HillNews is Trumpiftion is so much juicier. Do worry, HillNews comes after the election.

Hundreds of flights grounded as typhoon hits near Tokyo

The town where 100 young people have tried to kill themselves

Why storytelling is important in job interviews

The Heinous Olympification of Seoul

Deutsche Bank’s $10-Billion Scandal

Trump’s Anti-Science Campaign

Trump’s Anti-Science Campaign - The New Yorker

 another one of the hot right wing lies:  why  does science not bend to popular opinion?

Just plan wrong

John Kasich: 20 Years After Reform, Welfare Is Still Broken - The New York Times

 the Republicans want to go back to the 1990s,  where all of their dead voters are.  why can't  the poor just line up to be hosed down? 

How John Hersey's Hiroshima revealed the horror of the bomb

electoral reform

Can the States Save American Democracy? - The New York Times

( Also note that the baby boom is rather ham-handedly tried to Economic slowdown Are aging and the economic slowdown linked? -  it is largely not correct,  but it is crazy enough but not crazy enough to be true.)