Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Census: Angry PM Malcolm Turnbull warns ABS of consequences over website 'failure'

There’s something going on in these congressional primaries

No prison for Colorado college student who ‘raped a helpless young woman'

How connected car tech is eroding personal privacy

How Did People Migrate to the Americas?

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Findings of Police Bias in Baltimore

Chesapeake Energy to Exit Barnett

Shake Shack Falls After Fast-Food Slump Weighs on Sales Growth

There Are All Kinds of Signs of a High-End Real Estate Slowdown

The Great American Cubist

Sound and Fury

"The once mighty newspapers of Fleet Street still aim for sound and fury, but what do they signify?"
Britain’s Paper Tigers - The New York Times

The New Wall Street: Even Big Banks Want Help Navigating Markets

You May Be Broke and Not Know It


The lake that left town


That's because the do not blast people. Third Amendment to the United States Constitution

Don’t Be a Grammar Troll

Homeowners Have Real Estate Agents Over a Barrel

Apple Said to Plan First Pro Laptop Overhaul in Four Years

Christie ‘Lied’ About Staff Role in Bridge Case

A Hillary confidante’s letters reveal a window

Being Bilingual Keeps Your Brain Fit

Love the Fig

A Cartoonist Travels in China: Mao’s Memorial and Yangtze River Bridge

Life is cheap in China

11 ... no 12... 13 babies dead...

New batch of Hillary Clinton emails

New batch of Hillary Clinton emails obtained by legal group | US news | The Guardian

Now Hill's turn... the Politicians like to be loathed. Why else would they  clear the way for Hillary?

Love and Rockets rides again

Detroit Is Hurting. But He’s Wrong About Why

Big Oil’s master class in rigging the system

Super head lice

Peer Review’s Big Problems

Are There Any Limits on Obama’s Drone War, Really?

Donald Trump’s Tax-Return Dodge

Let us get fat.

Here comes the titanium supercar

Japan’s Plunging Jobless Rate Is All About Aging

Chef Dan Doherty