Monday, August 1, 2016

How Religion Can Lead to Violence

Venezuelan campaign passes first hurdle

People’s Housing Plan to Challenge

Tim Kaine’s zigzag path to gun control

Island’s Mammoths May Have Been Thirsty

Donald Trump has a totally plausible path to 270 electoral votes

The Storyteller by Walter Benjamin


China raises doubts over £100bn investment in UK

China raises doubts over £100bn investment in UK

"China has issued a thinly veiled threat to Downing Street that cancelling the Hinkley Point nuclear plant project would jeopardise more than £100 billion ..."

Mukilteo suspect held without bail in shooting

Mukilteo suspect held without bail in shooting of ‘dream girl’ ex, other partygoers

Allen Christopher Ivanov told detectives he viewed his newly purchased AR-15 rifle “as a symbol of power,” according to an affidavit of probable cause.

Philip Roth Versus the Movies

IBM Said to Be in Early Talks to Acquire Revel Systems

Anthrax outbreak triggered by climate change

ScotRail makes new offer

Frank Gehry

Can a computer algorithm reform SF's bail system?

Brunch Recipes for When Your Therapist Is on Vacation

Mystery of the female orgasm may be solved

Make Algorithms Accountable

Mars gullies not caused by flowing water

‘They took too damn long’

‘They took too damn long’: Inside the police response to the Orlando shooting

Would not have taken 3 hours if he were on the wrong side of the police.

Online fraud: Top Nigerian scammer arrested

This Is Their Life, Brought to Them by Private Equity

Oil Falls Below $40 for First Time

The Nation bring up the Rear


The Court Objects to Allen Ginsberg

Majority of Americans Want College to Be Free

In 250 million years Earth might only have one continent

Suspend Your Decision About the Propriety of Devil-Worship

The Night Sky

Thatcher’s contradictory legacy

 Theresa May’s mission is to resolve Thatcher’s contradictory legacy 

The 1970s liberals did not realize that labor had eat up all the capital - so the propertied class cut them a deal.

Foreign compound targeted by Taliban

Kabul explosion: Foreign compound targeted by Taliban - BBC News
An explosion then an attack - more to come? This is the summer where Ramadan is in the summer heat. 

The hidden base that could have ended the world

Those ‘who refuse to engage’ with Department of Social Protection lose out

Peers join forces with attempt to block Brexit

A snappier way to use food stamps

Democrats’ loose talk on student loans

A Tale of Two Conventions

How the ‘Stupid Party’ Created Donald Trump

Uber reverses out of China

Erdogan 'snatch squad' soldiers captured