Friday, July 29, 2016

Clinton Campaign Are Said to Be Hacked

Republican-authored voting laws in Wisconsin and Kansas overturned

Turkey's Erdogan to drop lawsuits against people who insulted him

U.S. Tech Billionaires Lead

Sand Creek Massacre: A Look at the Past

Sweating Under the Heat Dome

Constantinople, the holy city that dazzled faraway lands

Are Those Safe Haven Assets Safe Anymore?

Monte Paschi Capital Wiped Out in European Bank Stress Test

“The Tender Enemy”

Scotland’s wildest way to a perfect pint

To a Writer, a Body of Work Is a Taunt

A Rogues’ Gallery of New True-Crime Titles -

A Transgender Woman Just Made History

Start with being a Democrat

How Progressive Was Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech?

Just to better Trump. He want $10/hr for the minimum wage.

Adam and Eve naked again

Struggling U.S. Economy Propped Up

Tokyo turmoil: race to rule world's largest city

Clinton Reaches Beyond Stalwart Democrats

Clinton Reaches Beyond Stalwart Democrats to Build a Coalition Against Trump - Bloomberg Politics

She is building a bridge. She has a lot of work - and for good reason.

The H Doctrine

Accepting the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton introduced the Hillary Doctrine. | New Republic

Some one should draw a cartoon with the two presidential contenders as black holes trying to destroy each other.

Barclays benefits from fall in sterling

Leader: On capitalism and insecurity

Can an Addiction Memoir Help Us Understand Wall Street?

NY Times feels...

The Guardians thinks...

Would free university tuition work in the US?

Here's a Reason Baby Boomers Will Curb U.S. Growth

Bank of Japan Boosts Dollar Lending,