Thursday, July 28, 2016

Elect Hillary, She's Historic

A Plea to Reject Divisive Politics
Hillary Clinton's quiet supporters explain why they're with her - BBC News
Clinton to give ‘speech of her life’

She says nothing, because she promises little. She's a centrist. She wants to overturn some of the worst measures - because she been forced to. She does not promise $15.00 - but does  talk college tuition. She realizes high income rates is where the money is. She loves war ... still.

Perseid meteor shower set to be extra-spectacular

Colombia Is Charting a New Path Forward After a Brutal Civil War

Helicopter Money

Russians to vote on covering up Michelangelo's David

U.S., Japan, and Other Nations Could Lose Exclusive Economic Zones

Cannabis friendly state

The Democrats Problem

Lucia Berlin - Memories of Mexico

American’s Pilots Say It Flies ‘Ragged Edge’ of Safety Rules

What’s the Right Age for a Child to Get a Smartphone?

Being Unfit May Be Almost as Bad for You as Smoking

Syrian Nusra Front announces split

Blub Blub

Weed in Paradise

Female leaders: US would be late to the history books with Clinton presidency

Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams

Rio Promised to Clean Up Guanabara Bay

Attic Full of Underground Newspapers

The Power of “Love” in Politics

Hidden Message in Fed's Statement: U.S. Is at Full Employment

Hidden Message in Fed's Statement: U.S. Is at Full Employment - Bloomberg
Meaning:  if you do not have a job,  the rich are not willing to pay  you.

US Air Force whistleblowers expose secrets of drone warfare

he hidden adult themes in Beatrix Potter

"songs that seem to have been written by no one."

Where Is the New Cyberfeminism?

Jeremy Corbyn and the paranoid style

The biggest divide in politics is not left against right,

How a Wild Bird Leads People to Honey

The Science Behind Hillary

When Baby-Making Moves From the Bedroom

Baby boomers blow their children’s inheritance

Child strapped to mechanical restraint chair

Donks Case

Plotted course over southern Indian Ocean

Insurance Companies Have Joined the Ranks of Shadow Banks

The Most and Least Affordable Places to Buy Your First Home

Where you sign a $10m contract over a pint