Friday, July 15, 2016

Coup Fails in Turkey

Coup in Turkey

The top of army backs off.
News blackout lifted - the first signs the coup has failed.
Tanks firing near palace.

 Turkey’s Army Says It Seized Power as Premier Vows to Resist 

Turkey army group announces takeover on TV - BBC News
Turkey coup attempt: military claims takeover of government

Coup Attempt Underway in Turkey, Prime Minister Says
Turkish military attempting a coup against government
The army “in accordance with the constitution.”
Turkish military claims takeover of government
Army say it has taken control,   civilian government disputes this.
The is panic in Istanbul.
Türkei: Militär verkündet Machtübernahme in der Türkei
Confused signal about who is leading coup.
1:10 in Ankara, 5:45 is sunrise (18:10 EDST)

Top Ten Woody Guthrie Songs

this home stolen

Turkish President says that army units tried to take power

1 in 6 for Research Scientists

Wayfair is Shit

Do not shop there.

Another Attack Hits France

Exporting Jihad

Why France?

Primate brain development

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel is the killler of Nice

Red-Hot Canadian Housing Markets Won’t Prevent Rate Cut

Red-Hot Canadian Housing Markets Won’t Prevent Rate Cut - Bloomberg

The wildfire won't put a dent in desire to own home.

A $35 Billion Pension Bomb

Attacks Update ... 84 dead

Brexit Bad for Bonds

The Bond Market Still Thinks Brexit Is Bad - Bloomberg View
The "spread" is the top dumb people are getting away more -  and somewhere  bond market will pay.  And at the bottom dumb people getting away with less than they should.  So the bond market is betting there will be  of lawsuits to get them the least worst they should have.