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QED - 0 number, and zero the condition means that the universe exists

Null and Zero are not the same things. If you are in an apartment in a moderately civilized area of the world, there will be some number of people in every apartment. That number may be 0. now think of how many zebras will be in an apartment. The number is certainly zero, because zebras are not allowed in. the difference between 0, as a number, and null as the only possible answer, is more than a distinction – there is a different issue between people – who are allowed to be in the building – and zebras – who are not. Now think of the difference between mice and zebras. Mice are of course not allowed in building either, but they get in anyway. One then is a theoretical model most of the time, and the other one is a sign that wish you could say that, but most the time you cannot. So there is more than one null involved.

The same thing could be true of 0, a number, and null, the condition. One is a point on the number line, with a few peculiarities, and the other one is a condition. But as Gödel pointed out, the rules of mathematics are also members – because they can be connected by primes. This leads us to an interesting position. Zero the point on the number line, has properties, wherever you decide to manifest them – which guarantee some form of existence. Let me explain.

Let us take a number line from 0 to 1, and let us further say that there is only zero and one in this number line. This is called a Boolean. All propositions revolve around zero or one. But that means that there is a placeholder for either zero or one. That means that the zero in this number line is a true number, not a condition.

Now let us take 0 for the condition. There is no place to store anything. This means that 0, the number, is different from 0, the condition. Which makes sense, A Boolean has to exist someplace. Now let us take a question, what is the value of the condition? It can be null, it is either true or false, or as we find out in Gödel's incompleteness theorum – neither true nor false. That is there are three. But this third thing actually exists on the number line. It is not 0 or 1. but this is not particularly problematic, because imaginary numbers are also not on the number line.
This having been defined as not on the number line, but existing, has been defined – X to the zeroth power is one.
Now let us take a computer. A string which has no members is a problem which the people who write a compiler have to deal with. One option, out of several, is to declare the string has no parts. Thus it is length is zero, the number, to represent the length of 0, the condition of the string.
Char c;
Thus the condition is zero and the number is zero. This produces an error in the compiler. But an error is still a value, which the program stops. And if one checks the error, it will be something like “ zero is not a valid number.” but this means that the program that is running the compiler has worked, and thus it is condition is 1- it worked by finding the error and reporting it. So the contents of its condition is one by reporting the error is not one. Thus the error was expected, as opposed to a crash, which is unexpected. Or in metal logic, 1 means that the program has caused an error in a sub program (the compiler) and reported it back, and 0 where the program reporting the error crashes. Actually in C, 0 is for a normal termination, and 1 means that there will be a location with an error in it.
Thus four any error, it has a number or a condition, which is determinable – if there is someone watching the computer, whose state is zero or one. That means that even an unwatched computer has an answer to this problem.
But what this also means is that a 0 length string, has a positive number.
What this also means is that even Universe which has nothing, still exists someplace which defines nothing – and that place holds 1or 0, the number. QED

 I will write this up in mathematical terms and submit it.

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