Friday, July 1, 2016

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The Dogs of War - 1

The Dogs of War
A Powderpunk Faerie Tale in Four Parts
Book II of VI
Seven Sons for Seven Sisters
Stirling Newberry


The story so far:

In the Clockwork Cosmos, there are seven suns, and seven spheres. Each sun is ruled by a god, and each sphere by a goddess. The spheres do not orbit as they do in a universe with gravity, but are swept by influences in a weave around the suns. At any time, a sphere is in the influence of a single sun, which determines day and night, but the other suns can be seen. The gods and goddesses can, at appropriate conjunctions, join together in human form, and sometimes this results in the birth of a moon.

The gods and goddess can speak to each other, through the ether, and they spend most of their time flirting and dancing, trying to juggle possibilities, so as to have the chance to spend time with their current favorite.

Then, one day, Korana, the almond eyed goddess of Al-Lat, went silent. On Eowilonwey, another sphere, the great astrologer Jehanjir Al-Akbar, one of the greatest of all time, notices this, and calls for help from one of his closest friends, “The Summoner.” They determine to voyage there, and get word out as to what has happened. They gather a company to go on the adventure: Morwethe d'Arliane, a priestess with healing powers, Albrecht Dure, an artist and swordsman, Higar, a giant with a divine maul, and Princess Chang Si-yeona, of the Kingdom of the Jade throne, and a sorceress of no small ability.

The Summoner binds himself to create a magic ship, and they set off by leaping into space. Once there they are beset both by a fleet from Eowilonwey, and a small pack of dragons. They manage to yoke one of the dragons to the ship, and have him pull them to Korana. But there is an important casualty: the princess is imprisoned in a dragon scale, and can only interact by animating a mechanical doll, and Morwethe's healing is lost, because Albrecht's soul interferes with local godlings and gods. They puzzle over the operations of life on the ship, which seems to be off kilter. Also while in space Morwethe's godling hides with them, telling them that a purge of the lesser godlings is in progress, and that “the flies” have been called out.

When they reach Korana find that the planet is encircled by bands of darkness, filled with monsters, and that the bands are a place where death does not function. They manage to navigate the reefs, and plunge down to the surface of Korana. They gather back at the ship. They find that the Summoner is freed from his imprisonment in the ship, which he did intentionally to escape from Eowilonwey and to reach Korana without being detected. The Summoner makes Si-yeona whole again.

However, before they can do anything, the spirit of Death comes, with many of his followers, and demands balance for a soul. Si-yeona plays cards with him, and defeats him utterly. The flies descend on the spirit and unravel him, and a new Death is called. This one, however, is not a spirit – that is a soul that is destined to be born into a mortal, but a godling, and capable of having worshipers and giving divine favor.

 So they are on Korana, and have some idea of what is being done, but not why, nor how to stop it.


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