Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis - 5


You might think that I'm going to tell the same story that he CS Lewis, and that might be what I would do so if I were writing a post that is in my teens. But here is where it goes wrong. First of all, I don't like the way Eddie is portrayed, first he gets Turkish Delight, then he is chained to the reindeer, which it you think about it is strange. What's also strange is that witch does seem to be motivated, not only does she put her charge in chains, but she doesn't even care about his three companions. Don't get me wrong, there have been intermittently incompetent people, who will do almost anything to screw things up, so it's not surprising in that respect. But if you're going to take a picture villainess, you might as well do it well, so that they are real companions will learn something. I also rather suspect, if you don't mind, that be would not think of Turkish delight as the first thing on his mind, there are a few good renditions of it, most of the use rather bland. It you know where to find it, often in a large city, you can try some for yourself.

So in her ire, she scheming how to turn things to their best example. She remembered living on Charn, which was oriental - that's the Near East to Americans - and her hints mimicked that style of long tapering movements. She was not proud of this, is merely something that she did, neither more nor less. She was practical, and level headed, and so did not notice this at all. She noticed that her companion saw, but it was only something that he watched, and did not feel anything about it. She was a scheme person, all the way down through to the inside - and what's more, she was going to stay this way. Unlike Eddie, who was just gone through a phase, and would eventually snap out of it -if someone like witch did not interfere.

In other words, they knew a great deal about each other, and each one hoped they was one aspect which would be hidden from the other. In any Eddie's it was very simple, and transparent to the Queen: he wanted power, and he thought that in time, if he with survive long enough, there would be no more queen, and he could take over. What he did not know was she had a secret, that anyone could have told him - if only he would listen - that was she was immortal, and so there was no reason for her to give one inch of her power. You can see, that her secret was a great deal more useful than his was. She just needed to keep her secret from him, which wouldn't be surprising since all of her minions were not talking, and the rest of Narnia, now, would not speak to Eddie and less they really had to - and not on the topic of her immortality. They were only going to say what did to be said, and not one bit more. Though they were honest, and not lie for the sake of lies. It is only a very few creatures which will lie. Human beings among them.

“So, what is your purpose? You can call me by Jadis, which is mind secret name, all the rest refer to me as Queen.” She began with a mellifluous - that's with a magnificent flourish - beginning.

“I just wanted to hide from Peter, when I came in to this place.” he said.

Now in another context, anyone else would not realize that they are was any other place than Narnia, or lands associated with it. But Jadis new that there were planets connected to this one which with magic you could go between. Eddie did not realize that he was talking to someone who had traveled between worlds, and was preparing a trap for him. She even knew that he was probably from Earth, because she had briefly visited. And if you read book 6 you'll realize, she didn't like Earth at all.

Instead with the same tone of voice, she continued: “Due you have other friends?” If it had been Lucy, Peter, or Sandra, they would have said yes immediately, but Eddie was warned - though he wouldn't exactly know how - and began to realize that the Queen, or Jadis, which CS Lewis took from French, meaning long ago, or Persian, where it meant “witch”, or probably both. Of course Eddie did not realize this, speaking neither French nor Persian.

“Just Peter.” He replied, though the witch knew better. That's the thing about dishonest people, they know when they are talking to other dishonest people, in the main. She also knew that there were two boys, Eddie and Peter, and she would have to assume that there were at least two girls. So she had to get all of them together. The problem was there could be more than four, and so she would have to get all of them. Because if there were four or more, it wouldn't do any good to dispose of Eddie.

“You must take the to where Peter is, and we will... persuade him that he would do best to join us. There are two very powerful warlords, Aslan and Tash, who would love to sink their teeth in to mine small realm of Narnia.” In this she meant - and he got it - that Peter would be subservient, if not actually dead.

“Do you want some food? After all, it may take some time to persuade Peter, when we can find him.”

Now several things were spinning in his mind. One of these was why we were the room was should bright, why was it kept so dim? Because for him, light were something you could turn on or off. There just wasn't something quite right about that. The other thing was he was sure that when they reached Peter, she would find out about the two girls. And, though he was not sure about this, he was sure that he would be treated the same way as the other children - and he realized that that was going to be nasty. So there was a creeping worry that this was going to be the and for him. And while he did not care about Peter, Lucy, or Sandra, he did care about himself. So he would have to play along until he could get away.

“Why is this room so dark, when it could be brighter?” he asked.

“Before my time they liked it than bright, rare as I like it quite a bit dimmer, so I turned the lights down.” What she did not say was that she was older than this room, and she what were lights were - which was - if you think it - absurd. Everything else in this world was younger - but she did not want to disturb the way things were - in case there was some magical that she didn't know, there were a lot of things which were like this. She didn't want to medal with anything, in case there was a trap. 

Then add that moment, she turned her eyes away to address some correspondence to Hasta Olmak, the guardian of the northern border - where things were much more rowdier than even Narnia, should be. Not only were the Giants not able to take instructions, they were quite dim. And dim Giants were not what the Queen wanted. At that moment, he looked across the table and tried to see if there was something he could palm, in order to use it later. Fortunately, there was, a knife, which slid between his thumb and forefinger to keep in his pocket. Than as quickly as she turned away to answer the correspondence, she was again centered on Eddie, but he had done his work.

“I'll tell you a secret.” Proclaimed witch, though she had her reasons, they were not good.

“What's that?”

“I was not born in Narnia, or on any place else on this planet. And I think you are saying the same way. Am I right?” The witch said.

He didn't seem like much a leap. “Yes, how did you know?”

“Most humans, indeed all the I have met, our from Earth, and most of my kind, are from a world called Charn, or a related planet. Thus I felt you to be from Earth.” She did this to confirm what she already suspected.

“Why is that important?”

“It means we're alike. All of the native populations, don't have anything but living to attend to. Its only we, from other worlds, which wish to strive for something better.” She put an emphasis on this, hoping that that would be enough to calm Eddie. And it might have worked just a few minutes before, but now Eddie was on edge, and knew that the Queen, the witch, or Jadis, did not mean him any thing like the best for him. He looked outside, their were for stairs up on the second level, but he did not know if they had troops. He was right, there were troops gathering even as they spoke.

Then searched, for windows or other things that might be a means of escape, but this did not see. It was almost as if he was being tracked, and that he would trapped, and that was never a good feeling.

But the Queen wasn't concerned about whether or not he was frightened, or nervous, because she had moved on, and she was thinking about other topics.

Just then a footman entered in to be room, with two other men beside him. They were a good deal shorter than you would expect, and in human terms they would be dwarfs, but there was something odd about them that made it clear they were not little people, but fully formed, and if I had time I would show you the difference between them, and little people. Little peeple have a defect, but there child can be normal. These would stay the same.

“We have the stone faun that you asked us to bring back.”

“Yes, yes, putting down over there.” The Queen replied, though she had only a little brain to worry about him. She had long since devoted enough time, she saw, to Thomas - because this was exactly the faun that Lucy had met. If she had just a little bit more brainpower, she would have connected that this faun was the same one that had found Lucy. But she didn't quite have that much brain power left, and it wasn't as if she'd actually asked whether this one was human, and that his all the difference in the world. But she did no the contents of his library - with books like "Is Mas A Myth"- etc.

But Eddie saw something quite different, he had never seen anything that was condemned to die. And it was not pretty - even though it was not human - there were signs that it had feelings. He looked up and down the whole figure, and every minute change was represented. The only difference was, he was gray and cold, and he realized that everything was just the way it would be represented. The knife was now to escape with.

He reached out to touch him, and under his breath, to low to resolve, he said: “Goodbye little faun.” He saw packages which were turned to stone, and realized that they had caught him on aware, with the Queen right there - and that to was sad. What has he been thinking of? Here was a perfectly good faun, changed to stone, and it was going to stand perfectly still. And then he realized that there were eyes in the faun which were circling his own, as if to say that there was something recognizable. And not was truly horrible to think that the faun could recognize his face, and to nothing to about it.

“Come to me, little man, we have work to do.” She motioned with her right arm, continent that he was hers, and would do anything at least for a short while. Then he would learn that she was greater than he was. But he knew that already, told by the eyes of a faun.

He stared at the faun one last time, and then followed the witch, who was now nothing to him but a witch. Then clambered outside into the snow, and he faintly saw that there was grass, and he didn't remember seeing that before. Then he saw the witch, who was truly shaken, and tried not to display any sort of feeling, but there was a discussed that only just registered. And then he knew that things were going wrong, and he had to get away. If he did not go because of the faun, he might have been just aware enough to retreat in the face that was coming. You and I will knew this has Christmas Eve, and it was the sign that the forces of Aslan were coming back to rescue Narnia. But one of the things that was on the list, was to get Eddie back on side, actually it was very important. Though neither the witch - or indeed anyone - knew that. But there were signs that few would miss in the coming hours.