Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bernie Wins

While it is very likely Clinton win, every victory while mean greater concessions. 

北京麻雀 - Beijing - 5

On an condo on the First Row

It was not what you would call, a glamorous condominium. Though it was large for all of that. It had two bedrooms, living room, and full kitchen – which made it very large for something so close in two the city. It was no problem to actually see Tiananmen from here in all of its grand glory. Which was like taking a picture of the White House was in America – all that was was centered here in the name of government. It should also be noted that the were on a very high floor. If one knew the socio-dynamics, one would guess that the owner of this building was either very rich – which could not be the case because there were very few accoutrements – or very highly placed inside the government. Which was actually true, but it was not the current owner of the place but her father who had died rather early, leaving her to inherent.

When you looked outside through the enormous window, you could see not only Tiananmen Square, but the entire place where one city was being replaced by another. The older city was, primarily, flat and basically of one and two stories, many of them hutong, which had been called a small alley in Chinese – a style of architecture from the Empire and the Republic. But this was rapidly being replaced “by the vast evolution into a modern metropolis” - as one publication deftly put it. There were small rectangular bricks, much longer than the Western kind, and even greyer than even the grey ones of London. There in each hutong there stood siheyuan – the small buildings that were houses. At every doorway there was an air conditioner, because it became rather hot. The doorways were painted red or white, both to welcome those who were friends, and keep out anyone who was not invited there. This duality was part of the culture. He could see a few hutong left, but they were being cleared out for new high-rises, like the one he was standing in. if he stood on one leg he could feel the swaying of this building, because it was not built for permanence. And even the lease said it was only owned for 50 years. Then he looked back in to the dining room, and saw her watching the enormous television set and drinking a tea. This is all she had for breakfast, because she wanted to be thinner for him. And while she was in no way thinner, she was thinner than she had been – and he noticed that, and while they were close his hands clung to her in an affectionate way.

“Do you not think it is beautiful? Though I would rather like it to be less cloudy.”

“Yes it is gorgeous, but I rather suspect that Beijing will be cloudy as time goes by, it will be only on certain occasions when the party wants things to be with a blue sky. The rest of the time, they will not care if it is cloudy. They have other things on their mind. For example, last time I came here, there was only light traffic on the rings around the city. Now for about two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon, it might as well have been a parking lot for all the good the rings are.” he meant the rings around the city, ring number one is the most inwardly facing, and there are rings after that. And he was right about how they clogged up in the morning and in the evening. She actually had a car, but took the Metro to work, it was quicker. The only people who took the rings, were people who were coming in from a long way. Which meant, of course, they had not the pull to get them selves and apartment that was close to their work. In this, as with everything else, either money or “Guangxi” got you the better apartment. Everyone else needed to drive much further away.

“So, I have to go in to work at the firm. Why do not you spend some time wandering around and meet me someplace?”

“Where do you have in mind?”

“Why not me me here at7 o'clock, and I will take you to a restaurant which I think you would like. It is of course Beijing style cuisine, but I know that you like that.” As she did this, she put in some things into her bag, and started upwards.

“That seems pleasant, I will meet you down at the lobby.” If "lobby" was the right world for the crowd space - no wonder people ventured to the new Starbuck's. The he liked tea in a Beijing hole in the wall.

“Just remember that the girl by the elevators has to push the keys - it is her job, and she takes it very seriously. Even the useless half to have a job. Oh, there is a book by Muir, I pick it up for you.” There was an interlude of him waxing aesthetic over one chapter of a bread famine: “The airs beyond the flock range full of the essences of the woods, is growing sweeter and more fragrant from day to day, like ripening fruit.” She glared over the teacup at him with a wicked grin, with the other hand holding a black book. But she was thinking about the girl. The Capitalists would not have a use for her, and the Communists would do something useful - and though the People's Republic was technically communist, in truth it was neither one nor the other; the Politburo liked it that way, because almost all of the rings of power were in their hands. There was a large amount of corruption, woe to the people who got themselves caught - though they would not send a bill for the 9mm, they would do everything short of that - and no one would mention the name again. They both knew that already, it was the anatomy of revolution, or a trip to the Finland Station – as Farrar, Straus, and Giroux might say it.

They walked out of the apartment, and down to the main floor. They both needed to eat, and since he was with her she indulged herself by having a croissant at the building across the street. The normal course was to have a long thin - almost tasteless – dessert. Or so-called dessert, but it might have well been a desert for all the taste it had - their were rumors that it had sawdust in it. But now there were numerous bakeries which had rather excellent food. So it is only the poor who ate such things. There were even Starbucks along many of the main boulevards, though they were rather expensive for most people.
But in Beijing people were actually paid something like a reasonable wage. Or at least the top part of wage scale was. The rest of the people did what they were told to do – which is why at 5 o'clock people were scrubbing the streets for two dollars a day. And there were young men who guarded the streets, in bright green uniforms. If one was not part of the lower society, one did not mention them at all. Or you would whisper, only to hope.

“Do you know what you are going to do today?” It was a question with some intent from her, but not too much. She waited for his response.

There were people choosing a breakfast dish, or deciding whether to take out or stay in. once again, there was only her face which remained fixed, all others were in motion.

On the Detail of Paintings

Of detail of the painting can be one of several ways, for the three most common are large picture zoomed to small, which is how the teacher wants it, small picture assumed to big, and a detailed which is magnifying large, but hangs on the realization that it is the most important detail of all. Let's begin from, the detail.

The large detail is a top down detail from 30,000 feet, it zooms over the topic. Then it divides up the topic, and describes the details which are prevalent. The only fact that it needs to gloss over, our the details which are blank, or neutral, in some way. This way is the usual method, because most photographs are laid out in such a way as to clean the topic. Consider if you will illustration, and the details that are important are labeled as such. We talked about Norman Rockwell, and this is a good example, because illustrator is something which is gleaned from a cursory example. But the large detail is not always the best, though much of the time it is, but for artwork, and especially high quality artwork, it is not the best. This is because in illustrator wants to make plain one fact, and all of the details are focused around this fact. In Norman Rockwell's paintings the detail is often a large dominant figure, examining one who is small, but they stand in reverse in the picture, the tiny figure is seated; and the large, in fact impact enormous - a tiny picture. This is not a coincidence, you will see at many of his fine pictures – even among this day. For example Kaanchi, none of the pictures are in the abstract.

On the other hand, artwork, as opposed to illustration, gleans not from the inside, nor from the outside, but layering. It details the big picture, which is not recognizable, but it because they hidden things are not supposed to be recognized. This is particularly true where the writing system is not English, or anything directly related to English. What I mean by this, is for example expressed in the writing system of Kashmiri, which is directly related to the Sharda script language, which has only a tangential meaning. In modern terms it's written in the both the Perso-Arabic, and the Devanagari script system. But it was originally written Sharada system which reveals key details which are not in any of two main scripts. This is in, and why Sharada is still used.

I need to re-do. This is not right, but how to fix it?

The Panama Paper

It has done it is first job,  hiding  Ukraine and the oilarchies  behind the popular Iceland. First job accomplished,  because Iceland is not part of the team,  but the other ones are. He resigned.