Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LIGO makes gravitational wave announcement Thursday

The real Cornwall

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Why are we sometimes so reluctant to enjoy ourselves

Like Manhattan? If You Don’t Live There Now, You Never Will

The Mining Industry Makes Oil Giants Look Great

Hong Kong Traders Return to See Biggest Supports Crumble

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Bass Says China Bank Losses May Top 400% of Subprime Crisis

Why I left the US to work in the NHS: compassion is part of the job

Trump, Sanders Win

 All aboard the Super Tuesday train: New Hampshire winners and losers - BBC News
For Trump and Sanders, new challenges loom after victories in N.H.

5 Key Takeaways
What We Learned From Exit Polls

Winners and losers from the New Hampshire primary - The Washington Post
Sanders and Trump Ride the Populist Wave
The Bush-Trump Grudge Match
Donald Trump's Crippling Blow to the GOPHis critics thought he would fade away after his loss in Iowa. Instead he came roaring back.
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The Clintons Have Lost the Working Class - The New Yorker

Marc Andreessen Apologizes for Offensive Tweet on India History

Yahoo Lays Off

A Country Breaking Down by Elizabeth Drew

Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture

Dow Fight ...Bears in control

Yellen does not give the answer the market wants.

The Magnificent New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

How Vladimir Putin lost Ukraine

As Oil Prices Fall, Rising Debt Threatens Companies

Yellen thinks the markets is too high

North Korea 'executes' army chief of staff

Donald Trump: I would beat Hillary Clinton to White House

Why should China and Russia follow though?

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Newberry - Piano Sonata #4

Three Paintings and Two Sculptures by Izumi Kato

Seoul’s Colonial Boomerang

Get With the pogrom

Lyme disease just got nastier, as ticks spread new bacteria

Fake Lobster

Consolidation Finally Reaches Japan

The truth about sex robots

Obama's New Cybersecurity Plan Sticks to the Most Basic Basics

S. Korea to Halt Work at Joint Industrial Park With N. Korea

Violette Verdy, Ballerina With Flair, Dies at 82

Niners thrown for loss in Santa Clara as mayor, a key ally, quits

Yes, the Fed's Errors Made Recession Worse

$100 Bills Aren't Just for Drug Dealers

Australia enters bear territory as rout continues -