Thursday, January 21, 2016

4.5 Million Fled Syria; the U.S. Took 2,647

Flint’s Water Woes Make Residents Feel Like ‘the Walking Dead’

Disgraced ex-officer Daniel Holtzclaw sentenced to 263 years

10% of female US college students experienced sexual assault in 2015

'Crippling' snow storm could slam US east coast

Dow Up

Oscars 2016: Will Smith confirms ceremony no-show

BBC culture blamed for Savile’s reign of sex abuse

‘You’ve made your bed’: life as a single mother

Dutch PM says refugee crisis could shut down Europe's open borders for good

Inside Apple’s massive Bay Area expansion

There's no publicity but good publicity

Cleveland’s vile, embarrassing scheme to avoid paying victims of police abuse

Cleveland’s vile, embarrassing scheme to avoid paying victims of police abuse - The Washington Post

"For now, we have the system we have. It’s certainly flawed, but what’s happening in Cleveland isn’t just unfair; if it’s allowed to happen, it means that the system no longer even aspires to fairness or justice. The city is not only shirking responsibility for the policies and lack of oversight that allowed these abuses to happen, but it’s also actively seeking to deny the victims the compensation that the justice system has determined they deserve. It’s just outrageous."

‘Cats’ Returning to Broadway in July

The World Has Discovered a $1 Trillion Ocean

China Vice President Vows to ‘Look After’ Stock Market Investors

Carly Fiorina accused of 'ambushing' children for anti-abortion rally

Is Hyperloop the future of high-speed travel?

Dow Close to 16000

Dow Up

Pharma 'cash call' for new antibiotics

Ruble Tumbles Most in Emerging Markets as Russia Selloff Worsens

- Why that ‘one diet trick’ won’t work

BBC - Future - Why that ‘one diet trick’ won’t work
(Credit: Getty Images)

1. Find out what you like to eat.
2 Avoid it.
3. Repeat if need be.


Exhibit remembers Frank Lloyd Wright as 'Most Distinguished Outcast'

As rain comes down, more S.F. homeless shelters open up

Flint water crisis: emails reveal governor Snyder informed of problems a year ago

In pictures: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Asian Stocks Sink

European Stocks Climb From 15-Month Low Before Draghi's Speech - Bloomberg Business
Global Stocks Face Fresh Losses

Global Stocks Face Fresh Losses - WSJ But for the moment are up a "dead cat bounce".
Stock market rally peters out amid continued turmoil | Business | The Guardian Billions pumped in by China.
There will come a point when war will be a good move in the stock market game - if you win.

The tragic fate of the people who stop sleeping