Monday, January 18, 2016

High cocaine doses 'can cause brain to eat itself'

Colombia's President Santos enacts tougher law on acid attacks

How Sanders’s ‘political revolution’ would change U.S.

China economic growth slowest in 25 years

Hillary Clinton, enough with your ‘plans’ already

Protesters block San Francisco's Bay Bridge

Apple, Samsung and Sony face child labour claims

[Monday Gallery] Infinite Regress II and Infinite Regress IV

Hillary Feels the Bern

'Natural' fertilisation device for IVF

Trump’s bad bet: How too much debt drove his biggest casino aground

Welcome to the Crisis Economy, Where Tumult Reigns

No sex in this city

Spike Lee boycotts 'lily white' Oscars over white nominees

The Big Search for the Origins of Dogs

[Haiku's lattices]

No. Or at least no more than alcohol.

‘American Pie’ singer Don McLean arrested on domestic violence charge


Folsom tower developer agrees to 40% affordable housing

Iran nuclear deal: Five effects of lifting sanctions

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'I would love to play Vladimir Putin'

Brain Training for Anxiety, Depression and Other Conditions

Are Food Companies Playing Chicken With Prices?

A visceral fictional portrait of Seattle’s 1999 WTO riots

Wine purchasers’ investment dries up as retailer collapses

Stop China’s Market Manipulations

World's oceans warming at increasingly faster rate


“I’m green-lighting the M.L.K. biopic, but I think we’ll have a better shot at an Oscar if we cast a white guy in the lead.”

In Delhi, a ‘Sleep Mafia’ Rules the Night

The Wikipedia wars

Martin Luther King, Jr. Doesn’t Belong to You

Bernie Sanders’s Big Night

European Shares Drop With Banks, Crude Oil Drops on Iran Exports

French president declares economic emergency


Dollar Pegs Seen Bending While Reserves Keep Them From Breaking

Stocks turmoil: European markets volatile after oil falls through $28

Wilkes Bashford: The man who gave San Francisco its elegance

Teachout endorsed by Democratic committee chairs

The Long Road from Selma to Montgomery

Abdelfattah Kilito’s ‘Thou Shalt Not Translate Me,’ Translated –

Most Asian Markets Slip Amid China Worries

Across the World, Catalonia Pushes for Support

The Year of the Monkey Could Mean a Chinese Baby Boom

China’s Missing Rights Lawyers