Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A cool find from the Ice Age is made in Fremont

Mainland Chinese shares stop trading after 7% plunge

China Weighs Ban on Manta Ray Gill Trade

Nuclear Tremors in North Korea

What to expect when you’re expecting the Super Bowl

Ethanol Backers Rally Against Cruz in Iowa

Mysterious LHC Photons Have Physicists Searching for Answers

The sunken treasures of a Paris canal

Chow on Church loses its edge

North Korea’s Strategy Puts Beijing in a Bind

Eight countries. 2,055 nuclear tests. 71 years

DC Comics mocked for noting characters spoke 'Pakistanian'

Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland Is Indicted on Perjury Charge

The man who studies the spread of ignorance

New York Public Library Invites a Deep Digital Dive

Alabama chief justice orders halt to same-sex marriage

Chipotle Sales Plunge as Troubled Chain Gets Federal Subpoena

China Loses Its Grip on the Yuan

Dow Sags

Going Once, Going Twice: Airlines Auction Seat Upgrades

Cologne Mayor’s ‘Arm’s Length’ Sex Assault Advice Stirs Outcry

UN vows action on N Korea nuclear test

NASA's Spitzer, Hubble Find "Twins" of Superstar Eta Carinae

Writer are cogs

Dow fight to regain ground

Starboard Threatens Proxy Fight at Yahoo

Starboard Threatens Proxy Fight at Yahoo - WSJ

 She is a blithering idiot -  which would not mean very much if she were a male  blithering idiot,  which is usually the case.

Pierre Boulez,Modernist Conductor and Composer dies

Someone else should hire her

Venezuela Opposition Takes Reins of Assembly as Tensions Rise

Oil hits 11-year low after latest weak Chinese data

The latest codeword used to beat China's internet censors

North Korea Says It Has Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb