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Life 4

Now,  in  Life 1-3  the key concept is that there is a limit to forming life as we know it -  while this does not mean that other forms of life do not work -  there are limits to them.  for example,  a great number of stories have been written with Si  based life,  but that is unlikely because while silicone is the next heavier element to carbon,  the nuclear synthetic makes it a great deal harder to produce.  thus, Si  based life has a great deal more trouble than just swapping out carbon for silicon.

More importantly is finding out which elements are the hardest to produce,  and yet necessary for life. Because these are the actual limiters of the life system.  These elements must exist to have a chance to produce life,  and therefore they must come from stars rich in them.  it is one thing to find the heaviest star which can produce life -  which can be calculated from Life 3. A star that is approximately 1.3 M  has enough time to produce life that uses intelligence rather than mass in its normal lifetime.   This is the blowup point where the star  jumps to IV  on the  HR diagram:

One can easily see that a main sequence - type V -  will blow up to a subgiant star,  and if life cannot escape,  then it is doomed. This does not however,  mean that life does not exist on many different stars -  but it will not have the intelligence to make itself known. There are innumerable worlds which have life,  but only a few will have the intelligence to grasp radio waves. There are certainly forms of life which do not even attain multicellular status. ( ASTRO\ONLINE\massl )

We  also know that there are numerous biochemical decisions which have to be made to achieve multicellular status,  but there are dozens of V  series stars.  But we also know that the freezing over point is just barely  covered by Earth's own  biosphere. On at least two occasions  the earth has frozen over,  but carries on nonetheless.  the creation of a oxygen rich atmosphere,  however,  takes billions of years. Thus,  the bio chemical decisions have to be made in this oxygen rich environment. Most life does not get that chance.  This is why the main sequence V  stars  need time.  When calculating what is enough time the chemical evolution of the atmosphere is the first step.  If the atmosphere does not have enough time,  life will be consumed when the star jumps to IV.

But this is only the beginning. Early  stars are H-He  with no other elements,  and do not produce enough metals on whatever planets form around them. There  for,  they have to be around stars that have absorbed more complicated materials.  And that means that we have to examine which materials are needed.  I will tell you that I  is the most important material that is far off the main sequence. But proving this will be for the next post.

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This a companion piece to Mad Men ( concluded )

Pilot a guide to what,
The Cat's In The Bag, Sweet Smell of Success -
And the Bag's in the River – with a krazy 8
Cancer Man with the smell of lung.
Gray Matter with a diploma.
Crazy Handful of Nothin' says cool hand Luke
A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal Fargo.
Seven Thirty-Seven like money,
Grilled heavily interrogates with dental,
Bit by a Dead Bee to have and have not.
Down for hands,
Breakage an unavoidable example.
Peekaboo and Crush
Negro y Azul the ballad of Heisenberg -
Better Call Saul to distribute meth.
4 Days Out – both to and from.
Over – and up.
Mandala Circle Sanskrit
Phoenix into life,
ABQ Albuquerque Sunport.

No Más to stop cooking,
Caballo Sin Nombre the song remains the same -
I.F.T. - though what is unclear.
Green Light permission
Más becomes more
Sunset dies
One Minute is all that's left
I See You in the ICU -
Kafkaesque if you think on it,
Fly to be killed.
Abiquiú Georgia O'Keefe
Half Measures to be filled
Full Measure to be havled.
Box Cutter smiles eternal,
Thirty-Eight Snub frowns perputal.
Open House closed door,
Bullet Points to trace a
Shotgun fully loaded.
Cornered by drugs and four.
Problem Dog was killed -
Hermanos was his names.
Bug were traced,
Salud! To all.
Crawl Space traps the drug deal.
End Times are almost here,
Face Off is coming.

Live Free or Die in retro
Madrigal owns the chains.
Hazard Pay is well deserved -
Fifty-One, at least.
Dead Freight will not be made -
Buyout, 5000 for 5 mil.
Say My Name, Heisenberg.
Gliding Over All Walt Whitman,
Blood Money is what it is.
Buried when first cooking.
Confessions were faked -
Rabid Dog is lefted.
To'hajiilee reservation
Ozymandias shelley disguise
Granite State in vivo
Felina in El Paso.