Thursday, December 10, 2015

Clean Energy Dreams in an Electrified World

Just Outside Beijing, a Little Bit of Wyoming

The Supreme Court, Under Trump

The Supreme Court, Under Trump
The anti-Trumpmania say we don't want him in the race. Because he is not go to be Pres.Even  people who should be  routing for Trump -  that is to say every Democrat -  are  repelled by his antics.

Berg - Violin Concerto

Social Security Works

New style of police training aims to produce ‘guardians,’ not ‘warriors’

Oil-Price Drop Fails to Provide Consumer Spark

Syria opposition agree talks framework

BLCKDGRD: Born One Hundred Seven Years Ago Today

Life 3

But the  main  point of this exercise is now be for us,  and that is the joining of nucleosynthesis -  which is a physical process -  with the  discipline of chemo synthesis.  if you think about it,  came a synthesis is the art of creating chemicals,  which are the layer above creating elements -  to form more complex structures.  the key question is to find the chemicals which are the least able,  chemically,  to form.

 this means that we have to think  differently about chemical elements.  rather than linearly (H = 1, He= 2 , Li = 3)  or by group (  noble gases,  salts etc.)  we have to think about them in terms of how many interactions  to form them is starting from hydrogen and going upwards.  so for example helium is one interaction, etc. The following is from wikipeadia  showing the general roots to forming different elements

 now to combine this with life,  one must determine the most difficult element that is combined to form living things.

One  immediately finds Iodine  as the most apparent  key,  because that is the element which is involved in both size and intelligence.  clearly for most of life on earth,  size was the obvious use for I,  where as it took a great deal of evolutionary effort to find what intelligence was useful for,  and only near the halfway point of our suns lifetime did intelligence outweigh size.  does from a small tribe of apes came almost at a swipe the dominant creature on the planet,  though there were others which were close -  most particularly  the  dolphin,  though other species have different aspects of intelligence as well.

Nucleosynthesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thus  the next step is to find out how I  is made,  and distributed.

It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.

Profit and Abuse at Homes for the Profoundly Disabled


Outsmarting the Vespa

It’s not chaos. It’s Trump’s campaign strategy

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Yahoo’s About-Face on Alibaba Ups Pressure for the Spinoff

Yahoo’s About-Face on Alibaba Ups Pressure for the Spinoff
So much for her efforts to be a super geek.

What Drives Gun Sales? Fear of Restrictions.

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