Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Raman Raghav: When India's 'Jack the Ripper' terrorised Mumbai

Feinstein calls for end to special immigration path

Bitcoin Frenzy Back

The most memorable — and silliest — of James Bond’s many cars

American Impressionism: The Lure of the Artists' Colony

Jerusalem: Why Should Things Not Get Worse?

Intrusive, Invasive, Inquisitive Calle

The Indonesian Massacre: What Did the US Know? by Margaret Scott

Behind ‘King Lear’: The History Revealed by Fintan O'Toole

Romania: Thousands join protests despite PM Ponta's resignation

Time Warner Says It Will Hold Back Shows From Netflix, Other SVOD

Mission District housing moratorium defeated

Inside the business of cult-TV reboots

Mexico’s Supreme Court Opens Door to Legalized Marijuana

Dow Down

Turkey’s President Gets His Majority—at a Terrible Price

Justin Trudeau sworn in as new Canada prime minister

Severgnini: Let Refugees Settle Italy’s Empty Spaces Italy

Seattle Moves Left

Illinois officer whose death sparked nationwide outrage committed suicide

Behind Rising Inequality: More Unequal Companies

As Doors Close, Syrian Refugees Despair

Why Grassroots Democrats Don’t Have a Problem With Democratic Socialism

The New Statesman Cover | The end of Europe

Paul Ryan, Beware!

Paul Ryan, Beware!

The text on Ahmad Chalabi is off - it is what happens when the losers write the first draft...

Relativity and quantum mechanics collide

Relativity and quantum mechanics collide
Distant Aeons
Physicists have spent decades trying to reconcile two very different theories. But is a winner about to emerge – and transform our understanding of everything from time to gravity?

The Real Modern Family: Stressed, Tired and Rushed

Britain Suspends Flights From Sinai, Citing Bomb Risk

Art-Auction Rivals Aim to Hammer Each Other

Dirty dealings: how the car wash became a hub for human trafficking

The last days of the Big K

I Was With Fidel Castro When JFK Was Assassinated

Maldives declares state of emergency

Pussy Galore was a lesbian... and Bond cured her

US school district defiant over order to fix discriminatory transgender policy

The era of soaring college prices might be at an end, report says - The Washington Post

Elisha Scott Loomis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Elisha Scott Loomis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is the source of the 344 proofs of Pythag


Zero tolerance. Period

Historic Rosetta mission to end with crash into comet

Congressional Democrats Launch a New Strategy to Restore the Voting Rights Act

Clean Clicks vs. Dirty Data | The New Republic

A false epiphany: Revisiting Easterhouse reveals the chaos of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare revolution

Prop. F: S.F. voters reject measure to restrict Airbnb rentals

After Decades of Conflict, Many Afghan Women Struggle to Survive on Their Own - WSJ

Korea's hidden problem: Suicidal defectors

BBC - Future - The countries that don’t exist

Dozens dead as cargo plane crashes shortly after takeoff

Romania’s Prime Minister Resigns After Club Fire

Rising Dangers Hollow Out Afghan Capital

A College Romance That Led to Murder

Republicans take control of Kentucky governor’s seat

Why Denmark isn’t the utopian fantasy Bernie Sanders describes

Why Denmark isn’t the utopian fantasy Bernie Sanders describes

The taxes are the highest in the world, the quality of free education and health care is substandard and there's consensus that its economic model is unsustainable, says a British journalist who has lived there for 10 years.

Obama to rule on Keystone during term

Ohio marijuana: Voters reject plans to make drug legal

Sisi defends Egypt's security laws

US supreme court halts execution of Ernest Johnson in Missouri

Backlash Against U.S. in Iran Seems to Grow After Deal