Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rand Paul vows Senate bid to block debt and spending deal

What Killed America’s Climate-Saving Nuclear Renaissance?

Walgreens to Buy Rite Aid for $17.2 Billion

‘Dangerous’ School at Center of Zoning Fight

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Ending Colombia’s 100-Year War

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Northrop Grumman Wins $21 Billion Bomber Contract

Why aren’t the GOP’s presidential stragglers dropping out of the race?

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Girls as Captain America? Stores Are Noticing

Salem’s Reign of Terror

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Is Insider Trading Now Legal?

Peak booze: how my generation became the UK’s heaviest drinkers

Funny, Oakland looks a lot like San Francisco

Suzuki goes small

US will fly and sail where 'international law permits' despite rebuke from China

Senate passes controversial cybersecurity bill 74 to 21

The Ambivalent Marriage Takes a Toll on Health

Is this America's coolest street?

The Noisy Silence of Picasso’s Guitars | The Nation

The Radical Life of Rosa Luxemburg | The Nation

From Red Rose by Kate Evans 

The Radical Life of Rosa Luxemburg | The Nation

Is Marco Rubio the John Edwards of the 2016 Race?

Justin Trudeau and the Case for Reclaiming "Pretty Boy"

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Ben Carson overtakes Trump in national poll despite likening abortion to slavery

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U.S. Natural Gas Falls Below $2 for First Time in Three Years

Startups Accelerate Efforts to Reinvent Trucking Industry

In China’s Alleyways, Underground Banks Move Money

Try a 120-square-foot home on for size at the tiny-house hotel in Oregon

Try a 120-square-foot home on for size at the tiny-house hotel in Oregon
"The ‘Portlandia’ skit’s setting was real: Caravan is a natural outgrowth of a Lilliputian-lifestyle movement."

Authorities demand major US providers back up their claims

US ship passes disputed China islands

Congress and White House Reach Tentative Budget Deal