Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Medicare Rates Set to Soar

Sinking of Cargo Ship Raises Questions About Age of U.S. Fleet

‘The Arab of the Future,’ by Riad Sattouf

The secret surveillance of ‘suspicious’ blacks in Georgetown

Big 3 airlines flexing their political muscle in Washington

NYC's Luxury-Condo King Shifts Gears in Bid for Chinese Buyers

Songwriters Lose Out on Royalties

Fed Doubts Grow on 2015 Rate Hike

Altar, Mexico: how the 'migrant oasis' for would-be border crossers became a trap

How to Beat Hillary Clinton

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Walking Dead's Danai Gurira: 'There's a dearth of African female perspectives'

Relief for Local Rail Woes Is Taking Shape in Concrete by the Hudson

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Embattled astronomer resigns from UC Berkeley post amid sex harassment scandal

The bold Mr. Bashford celebrates 50 years

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Dow Drops

Wal-Mart Warns of Sharp Profit Drop; Shares Slide


China hits back at US over islands

A.C.L.U. Says Complaints Show Border Patrol ‘Impunity’

Review: ‘Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life’

Where Have All the Tomboys Gone?

Pope Francis apologises for Vatican 'scandals'

October 14, 1962: The Cuban Missile Crisis Begins

Dow refuse the stay down

Orhan Pamuk’s Working-Class Flâneurs

The Moral Case Against the TPP

The Corbyn Supremacy

Scots Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey 'critically ill'

Taoiseach admits he let election speculation get out of hand

Taoiseach admits he let election speculation get out of hand
Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tanáiste Joan Burton. Mr Kenny has admitted he should have moved more quickly to quell speculation about a November election. Photograph: The Irish Times

Velvet ants are almost invincible

In a Shift, Islamic State Tries to Show It Can Govern

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Bitterness Abounds in Yemen’s North, a Houthi Stronghold

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Dire Glimpses of What Pollution Is Doing in Bangladesh


The Frustrating, Dizzying Career of Stanley Fish

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Taliban Targeted Women During Takeover of Kunduz

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