Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pianist killed on street in motiveless attack

Fizzy drinks giant pays millions to diet experts

For a reluctant Ryan, a pressure-filled day on Hill

Assad’s Endgame: Force West To His Side

Southeast Asia, Choking on Haze, Struggles for Solution

UN proposes Libya unity government

A Brief History of the End of the Comments

What Infographics Looked Like Before Computers

Scientists find evidence that Mars once had lakes, rivers, deltas

Dow Far Up

Probe captures Pluto's 'blue sky'


Thomas Laqueur: How the Camps Were Run

Paul Prudhomme, Louisiana chef who popularized Cajun cooking, dies at 75

Scientists Sequence Ancient African Genome

Russian missiles 'fell on Iran'

Survey: Economists See Fed Rate Rise in December

Front-runner McCarthy drops out of race for House speaker

Times Insider: When Death Comes, and the Obituary Quickly Follows

Review: Garth Risk Hallberg’s ‘City on Fire’

raven used books:

How to Avoid Getting Sick This Fall

VW's U.S. Chief to Tell Congress There's No Schedule for Repairs

Let’s Modernize Our Environmental Laws

The tragic tale of Mt Everest’s most famous dead body

BBC - Future - The tragic tale of Mt Everest’s most famous dead body

Domestic worker accuses tech execs of sex harassment, wage theft

Malaysia Arrests Another Critic of Prime Minister

Nobel in Literature Is Awarded to Writer From Belarus

World's corals threatened by bleaching

Fifa suspends Blatter, Platini & Valcke

Wall Street Winning Streak Seen Ending on Global Market Turmoil

Who dies and who survives during a mass extinction? A tantalizing clue.

Tom Petty opens up about his heroin addiction for the first time in new book

Scandal breeds dread and defiance in the town that Volkswagen built

Coal Mining’s Promise Fails for Remote Australian Town

What to Watch in the Fed Minutes

Glencore's $100 Billion 'Gorilla' Means Bad News for Banks

Four Ways the Oil Price Crash Is Hurting the Global Economy

Prescription Drugs for Sale in Hong Kong -- Without Prescriptions

Hong Kong minorities 'marginalised' in school

Is this cartoon of a Syrian girl racist?

refugee girl
"I want to live a safe and clean life, eat gourmet food, go out, wear pretty things, and live a luxurious life… all at the expense of someone else," reads the text on the illustration above. "I have an idea. I'll become a refugee."
Is this cartoon of a Syrian girl racist?

U.S. Rejects Cooperation With Russia in Syria

UAW Strike Averted at Fiat Chrysler

California may be 1st state to outlaw human antibiotics in livestock