Monday, October 5, 2015

Our S.F.: Chinatown rises from ashes, after decades of struggle

How to Catch Spoofers Who Manipulate Markets

Fuel Prices Fall, but FedEx and UPS Boost Surcharges

Price Increases Drive Drug Firms’ Revenue

Cautiously, Iranians Reclaim Public Spaces

Free Trade Is Elites Betraying Their Own Populations | Ian Welsh

Portugal Election Gives Cause for Concern in Madrid

Portugal Election Gives Cause for Concern in Madrid

"For the past four years, this corner of Europe has been a testing ground for the austerity that creditors prescribe for sick economies across the eurozone. Strong conservative leaders pushed painful measures through pliant parliaments in Portugal and Spain, lifting both out of recession."

China’s Slowing Demand Burns Gas Giants

DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman to Exit

S.F.'s Mechanics’ Institute becoming literary hub

Longread Online Dating Made This Woman a Pawn in a Global Crime Plot

Wild mammals 'return to Chernobyl'

Christians ‘serious about their faith’ should consider getting guns, Tenn. official says

The search for America’s best food cities: New York

The EPA closed the lab that might have caught VW years ago

California enacts right-to-die law

Dow Up

TPP deal 'in best interests' of Canadian economy, Harper says

The 4 Things to Do Before Retirement

Bernie Sanders, the Populist Prophet

World's most multilingual cities

Air France execs chased from jobs talks

Snowden: 'Smartphones can be taken over'


BLCKDGRD: Theme Song Monday October 5 2015

But perhaps some of this sort has been on the cards for some time. For the truth is, over this past year, I have become increasingly preoccupied with my memories, a preoccupation encouraged by the discovery that these memories - of my childhood, of my parents - have lately begun to blur. A number of times recently I have found myself struggling to recall something that only two or three years ago I believed was ingrained in my mind for ever. I have been obliged to accept, in other words, that with each passing year, my life in Shanghai will grow less distinct, until one day all that will remain will be a few muddled images. Even tonight, when I sat down here and tried to gather in some sort of order these things I still remember, I have been struck anew by how hazy so much has grown. To take, for instance, this episode I have just recounted concerning my mother and the health inspector: while I am fairly sure I have remembered its essence accurately enough, turning it over in my mind again, I find myself less certain about some of the details. For one thing, I am no longer sure that she actually put to the inspector the words: 'How is your conscience able to rest while you owe your existence to such ungodly wealth?' It now seems to me that even in her impassioned state, she would have been aware of the awkwardness of these words, of the fact that they left her quite open to ridicule. I do not believe my mother would ever have lost control of the situation to such a degree. On the other hand, it is possible I attributed these words to her precisely because such a question was one she must have put to herself constantly during our life in Shanghai. The fact that we 'owed our existence' to a company whose activities she had identified as an evil to be scourged must have been a source of true torment to her.

- Ishiguro - When We Were Orphans
BLCKDGRD: Theme Song Monday October 5 2015

Who Was Jack the Ripper? New Books Try to Crack the Case

Focusing on How Pompeii Lived Instead of How It Died


Dow Up

VW Emissions Probe Zeroes In on Two Engineers

Chicago Architecture Biennial secures the city's place as a mecca for building buffs

Nobel Prize - Medicine

Henning Mankell, Dean of Scandinavian Noir Writers, Dies

Trans-Pacific free trade deal agreed

Digby and Cliff Schecter: Virtually Speaking Sundays 09/27 by Jay Ackroyd | Politics Progressive Podcasts

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South Carolina faces ‘potentially historic’ flooding

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