Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Internet Under the Sea

The Pope’s Favorite American Radicals

It Just Got a Lot Harder for Americans to Have Their Day in Court

Pope Francis's message to sex abuse survivors: ‘I am deeply sorry'

U.S. Bonds Flash Warning Sign

Pro-independence parties win election in Catalonia

‘After Thelma & Louise, people said things would improve for women in film. They didn’t’

2 worlds collide in San Francisco

David Brock’s ‘Killing the Messenger’

Queer Tango Brings Its Liberated Style to New York

Review: In ‘Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film,'

Hemingway Was a Pack Rat. Here’s What His Mementos Reveal.

Scottish Village to Commemorate Ties to Russian Poet

After Criticism, Pope Confronts Sex Abuse

Catalonia nationalists win elections

Carson, Fiorina, Sanders Gain Ground, Poll Shows

Is it ever OK to walk out of an interview?

Artificial Intelligence is not able to 'press the delete key' on humanity just yet

Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

Story of the Week: The Actual Thing, William Maxwell

Here's the TV You Should Watch, Skip, or Binge This Fall | WIRED

HA Rey "The Stars"

Old copy,  in my moms hands, is rather dead.  Will put this on the top of the by list.  much work about things that I noted is gone.

Yes,  is other major accomplishment is Curious George.

Catalonia votes in landmark elections

Migrants drown off Turkish coast

BBC - Future - Eight objects that define the Soviet space race

France has first strike in Syria

A crumbling Philadelphia block drowning in debt

Planned Parenthood’s

President of China Pledges $2 Billion to Fight Poverty

The Struggle to Build an Afghan Air Force

‘Eyes Full of Empty’: A New Turn in Algerian-French Noir

The joy of doing the same thing over and over again

The friendship that grew out of war