Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meet the man who helped expose VW's emissions scandal

Narendra Modi arrives for two-day tour as India's influence grows

After closely guarded start, Patrick Kane case devolves into a legal circus

Dugdale: Blame the last four leaders for the state of Scottish Labour Tom Gordon

March for Choice hears calls for abortion vote in Ireland

Thousands Enter Syria to Join ISIS Despite Efforts

Pope Offers a Vision of Religious Freedom

Liberals looking for gains in Ottawa, NDP in northern Ontario

More weird scenes inside San Francisco's gold mine

Rally for missing Mexico students



Shelby Foote,  from Intruders in the Dust , remembers Faulkner,  though he misplaces the starting time by a little bit. He is not quoting,  per se,  he is remembering, which is different.  He is remembering the time where he envisioned that 2 o'clock when he mustered Picketts Charge  at the Battle of Gettysburg, when he  had the decision to go, or not.

Iran calls for probe over Hajj stampede

Hajj stampede 'beyond human control'

Me and My Jetta: How VW Broke My Heart

At 102, she got her medical degree - 77 years after the Nazis denied it

PIE-sums: A combinatorial tool for partition theory

Hundreds of surgeries carried out by unlicensed assistant, say prosecutors

Are California wine prices way too high?

'Unfortunate reality' that victim has burden to guard against abuser

Syria rebels give equipment to al-Qaeda

Bangkok shrine bomber 'is in custody'

State to execute convicted murderer after Texas supplies lethal injection drug

The brocialist

Flywheel Taxi to PUC: UberX competes with unfair rules

The Cuba conundrum: where to now for Cuba-US relations?

Can Kevin McCarthy Buck History to Become Speaker?

H-P’s Then-Chairman Tried to Quash Autonomy Acquisition

There is such a thing as a free lunch

Red alert: Lunar eclipse spectacle rising this weekend

Christians: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Motherhood, Screened Off by Technology

President Xi’s Double Talk on Doing Business in China

Ukraine bans Russian airlines' flights

The veggie orangutans who have turned carnivore