Saturday, September 19, 2015

Margo Jefferson’s ‘Negroland: A Memoir’

Patti Smith, Paul Theroux and Others on Places Near and Far

A journey through California’s valley of flowers

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Mastermind of 2013 Bastar massacre killed

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Jackie Collins, novelist and actress, dies at 77

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‘Sisters in Law’ Looks at Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

How to Close Guantánamo

MI5 pays Muslims to spy on terror suspects

Michael Derrick Hudson use of a Chinese name when writing was racist and latest case of ‘yellowface’ in literature,

'We may never spot space aliens thanks to encryption'

U.S. and China Negotiate Arms Deal for Cyberspace

Where the Dugout Is a Stage and Baseball Is a Reason to Sing

In a time of possibilities

Avedon's Sideshow: In a time of possibilities

It was 40 years ago today...

Evolving design helps welcome autistic adults to Sonoma complex

Plenty of low-wage jobs but few can afford to take them

The Rationality of Rage

Canadian magazines make a good deal of satire

Liberals of Australia retain Canning in by election

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A Fresh Look at ‘Daniel,’ ‘The Confession’ and the Trials of the Cold War

Fury as Putin and Berlusconi drink 240-year-old wine

Nearly 4,700 people rescued off the coast of Libya

Food: $8 coffee, $14 grilled cheese

Love in the mountains: 98-year-old visits backcountry lodge in Rockies in honour of late wife

Austria faces fresh migrant influx

Bauer: A new brewpub beacon rises

Matthew Barney’s Most Punishing Tour: ‘River of Fundament’

Marijuana climbs the corporate ladder: weed commodity trading

Rare gray fox family moves into the Presidio

In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another

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Looking for Conventions, Cities Add Hotel Rooms

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Stretching Dollars, and, Yes, Feasting, in Lower-Priced Rio

Constance Wu Is Making Her Way in Hollywood

How a 35,000-word manifesto led to the Unabomber

How a 35,000-word manifesto led to the Unabomber

Do Chinese truly love their president – or fear him?

A miracle of reinvention for the former 'most dangerous city on earth’

Deputy clerk casts doubt on validity of Kim Davis's marriage forms

Women Who Owned Their Desire

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