Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Best English news on Chille

President and prime minister arrested in apparent coup

Presidential Race

When the Who met the Dead for the last time in Oakland

GOP debate is a tug-of-war for the Reagan mantle

Kenny’s graveside oration to set tone for 1916 commemorations

The Met Considers Naming Rights

More Evidence for Black Hole Collision

U.S. Said to Have Settled With G.M. Over Deadly Defect

Jeremy Corbyn faces a viciously hostile press – but shutting out the media won't help

Three-year-old girl diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

L.A. renters and owners should split quake retrofitting costs, officials say

Cash-strapped CPS spent millions on pizza, subs

Pay TV cord cutting accelerates as Netflix, Hulu rise, study says

Researchers: Paxil study that led to prescriptions for children seems to downplay suicide risk

8.3 magnitude earthquake rocks capital Santiago

Where have all the big ideas & inspiring words gone?

NDP promises 4 years of balanced budgets in fiscal plan

In Yemen, Death From Above, Grief Below

Colorado holds marijuana tax holiday

Why the Rich Are So Much Richer

Perimeter of grocery stores no longer a safe haven


Is de Nimes. Really.

Dow Up!

This is one you should watch

Where Love is Illegal

Cameron challenges SNP to provide list of pledges

Nearly 9 million Americans gained health insurance in 2014

Eastern Europe’s Short Memory

Taxi drivers scammed out of $1,000 as police investigate

Ottawa's response to Uber compared to cities across Canada

Behind Bobby Fischer

Two Think Pieces from the Boston Globe

A dictionary of filthy words

The Land Rover that's just for kids

'700 million' malaria cases stopped

AT&T raises LTE throttling threshold to a whopping 22 gigabytes - TechBlog

Rare Nazi, US plane collection hidden away in West Texas

In Democratic California, which 2016 candidates get the most money? You'll be surprised

Hacking « LRB blog

Egypt: Sisi’s Cheerleaders


Health club apologizes for rejecting same-sex couple for family membership

Egypt calls On Mexico to Apologize


America's worst stadiums

New Republic

What if the mega-rich just want rocket ships to escape the Earth they destroy?

What’s worth watching this fall

Hitler’s world may not be so far away

The Pilots Fighting ISIS

Discover one amazing year on Earth

Assad vows not to 'quit under pressure'

Migrants tear-gassed by Hungary police

Dow Up At Miday

Code Google Is 2 Billion Lines of Code—And It’s All in One Place

Boehner and his allies prepare fall battle with conservative GOP critics

 Boehner and his allies prepare fall battle with conservative GOP critics
 remember he is as liberal as it gets in this Congress.

L.A. doc allegedly let untrained aide operate on patients

Sinn Féin will go into coalition with any party, says Adams

Pentagon seeks broad changes in pay and discipline for civilian employees

Refugees face tear gas in bid to breach sealed Hungarian border

Reaching Europe

Fate of Corfu Airport Puts Greek Bailout Deal to the Test

Baruch Pledge Fought Back During Hazing, Report Says

Closing the Back Door to Europe

Jeremy Corbyn has won. Now what?

The Syrian tragedy and the crumbling of world order

Inside South America's Oil-Fueled Currency Battle

Attitudes Shift on Paid Leave: Dads Sue, Too

Marine population 'halved since 1970'