Sunday, September 6, 2015

India's Modi Tells Coal Power Plants to Subsidize Solar

Japan’s 17,000 Tons of Nuclear Waste in Search of a Home

Brazil's Currency Drop Is Good News for Coffee Bears

Big Oil Pulls Back From Washington?

Asia Market Down, but may Recover

China Cuts 2014 Growth to 7.3%

Toshiba Slashes Earnings for Past 7 Years

New Horizons has gone to Pluto, and now comes the Great Beyond

BBC plans North Korea broadcasts

U.S. task force warns cities on efforts to break up homeless camps

Ireland Labour-FG pact ‘best way’ for both parties, says Howlin

Plans to demolish 17,000 Arab buildings in West Bank, UN says

Li Ka-shing’s Moves on China Show Good Timing

New F-16 jets used for first time in raids against Isis

Five myths about William Shakespeare

Founder backs site's systems after extortion scam

New Taliban Leader Moves to Quash Dissent

'Snail's pace' row at climate talks

Independent contractors, or abandoned workers?

Halal certifiers offer payment Four Corners

The escalating human and financial cost of wildfires

10 reasons to visit Lodi now in CA

'Unthinkable': Search in Garfield Park Lagoon resumes after child's body parts found

Some Israelis want to take in refugees. Netanyahu says no.

The weirdest job in medicine

Egyptian court releases details of ruling against Mohamed Fahmy

Austria to reintroduce rules lifted amid refugee crisis

UN agencies 'broke and failing' as cash donations run out

Hope for Children With a Rare Disease

Jaguar is the one

Anish Kapoor wants to show his great sculpture at Versailles with antisemitic tags

Communist ​party on course for election success

We Aren’t Cool Enough for These Sweet Vintage Motorcycles

SNP to attack Cameron over UK response to refugee crisis

U2 to tour Ireland at end of November, Bono confirms

Yemen’s Capital Pounded by Airstrikes

Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

Centre-right level with Syriza in polls in Greece

Deadly attack on soldiers in south-eastern Turkey

New probe: Mexican government was wrong about what happened to 43 missing students

Trudeau ad may be getting to voters, poll suggests

India targets tax evaders who hide ‘black money’ at home and abroad

The remarkable resurgence of a liquor that Prohibition almost killed

Can piano giant Steinway sustain its dominance?

Best of Latin American photography 2015

Family Balks at Moving Rachmaninoff’s Remains

Modern Love: My Father’s Last Romance

Adult, Autistic and Ignored

If you live with a cat, you live with a weirdo: your tales of feline oddity

US-appointed egg lobby paid food blogs and targeted chef to crush vegan startup

New grapes from the Old World

The static clears, and television comes

Maybe a Left Winger is What We Need

Michael Fassbender tipped for Oscar after Steve Jobs film premieres

Bangladesh launches first lesbian comic strip character

Women outnumber men for first time

Korean economy forecast to face 1%-level growth

New poll shows UK would vote to leave EU

OROP: Veterans withdraw hunger strike

The 7 Wonders of Fall

11 WTF Gadgets Confiscated by Airport Security

Photo Gallery What Cities Would Look Like if Lit Only by the Stars

Pope’s Visit to U.S.

Is Russia about to send a thousand troops to Syria?

Ten reasons to love autumn

Reject assisted dying bill, Welby urges

New Thai constitution thrown out

Australian Leader Faces Opposition on Gay Marriage

Plan to turn site into 'eco park' mocked on Chinese social media

Panchen Lama 'living a normal life' 20 years after disappearance

I was the life of the party. It almost killed me.

Part car, part motorcycle, new vehicle

The push and pull of China’s orbit

The push and pull of China’s orbit CHINA’S BACK YARD CAMBODIA

Sweet, tangy, bitter grapefruit becoming a go-to beer ingredient

Violence creeping into unlikely communities in Chicago: 'It's terrifying'

Is there a mental health crisis in tech?