Monday, August 31, 2015

High court rejects Ky. clerk’s request on gay marriage

BBC - Travel - New Zealand’s never-ending fire

Asia Slides

As Asia Opens It slides.

China's President Xi Solidifies Power with Overhaul of Military

California Lawmakers Approve Equal-Pay Measure

Oil Surges as Supply Estimates Shrink

Blast Rips Through Chinese City

New map reveals waterways under the streets of San Francisco

150 Clinton e-mails found to have material deemed classified

Netflix takes gamble with Epix film cull - BBC News

UN confirms Palmyra temple destroyed

West Point law professor who called for attacks on 'Islamic holy sites' resigns

Using Killer Genetics as a Substitute for Pesticides

If machines gamble

Hotels Fight Back Against Travel Sites Like Expedia

Helping Mexico’s Poorest Women Survive Childbirth

Suicide-risk behaviour patterns identified

Rare hurricane hits Cape Verde

Dow Down

Custom Ferraris Take Exclusivity to a Whole Different Level

Google Is Taking a Big Step to Kill Off Flash for Good

Environmental science California’s Katrina Is Coming


Toronto, Vancouver housing affordability deteriorates to 'risky' levels

As His Term Wanes, Obama Champions Workers’ Rights

Nonviolent Protest Movement Grows in Center of Baghdad

Democrats Could Face Tougher Fights in Senate Primaries

Caste Quotas in India Come Under Attack

Trump upends GOP message on economy

Presidential Campaign Raises Echoes of ’68 Race

Bias Fight May Lift Costs Of Some Auto Loans

DRAGONS' DENThe biggest franchises: what does it take to own one?

Dow Down

Fatal protest rally after Ukraine vote

Thunderstorms in France

Trump: Scottish independence should be buried for 50 years

Trump: Scottish independence should be buried for 50 years
This is going to make certain people mad.

further violent and sexual crimes in Scotland

criticism over UUP in Ireland

Una Mullally: This summer gave me perspective

The families divided by an ice curtain

What the US economy really needs next ( according to the BBC)

China's new 'gold rush'

Eight Reasons Never to study again in Germany

Times Square: The Naked Truth

Hurricane Fred forms in the Atlantic

New Photo of Charon

A 'Name That Tune' That May Help Dementia Patients

Summer of Science - How Often Is B.M.I. Misleading?

Peking Opera Star Takes a Turn in United States

Marvin Mandel, former governor of Maryland, dies at 95

When Airlines Looked Cool and Showed It

Arab Lit

Jimmy Carter’s Sunday school classes now draw far-flung crowds

she wants all the power

R Word a serious obsession in Canada

Islamic State Damages Temple of Baal in Palmyra

The Isis mastermind who sent out 15 suicide bombers

it Is Not that bad

U.A.E. Takes Lead in Southern Yemen

Meet the Private Watchdogs Policing Finance

Turkey’s Trade Deficit Widens

Jackson Hole Has a Worrying Message For Draghi

Ruble Rebound Is a Signal for Russian Bondholders to Start Selling