Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cease Fire

Ceasefire agreed for Syrian towns

as said, pro-gov and ISIS have more Important things to do.

Ol' Man River, That Ol' Man River He Must Know Somepin', But He Don't Say Nothin'

Bucks, Does and Fawns Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ Oil

Sunday on a Park Bench Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ

Levy Between River and Canal New Brunswick, NJ Oil

The Mighty Raritan River New Brunswick, NJ

Looking Into the Heartland Kansas City Missouri Oil

Winter in the Mohawk Valley Schoharie, NY

I think my blog is be throttle

 I may have  to do something.

Turkey leads push for no-fly zone

Turkey PM: Syria no-fly zone needed

  we really need to say "you will be shoot down"  zone.

The problem with unions is most of us do not belong to one

the real problem is their black

Unhinged officer sacked

Russia bare teeth

desperate refugees in Greece

bribery by another name

she talks a good game

Patrick Stewart is back

no not Fisher Price

because still punishing is work

because punishing them does not

It is a weird if you think about it

Beijing's twin goals

Fading Cosmos

Pocket Change

Bloomberg Agrees On Trouble

Bloomberg Take

Stocks Again

17,407.08 Down 208.09(1.18%)


Julian Assange


Russian Missile part

330,000 apptictions

Renminbi devalues

Greece will receive third party aid

The Meanest Election in Years

The Fruit Basket


Best 11 Aug


TG in Det


This is a bad idea

IBM want Merge


Why is Blair so popular?

It is only going to get worse..,
Why is Tony Blair so unpopular? - BBC News