Monday, August 10, 2015

legionnaires at 12 dead

Rick Perry is running on fumes

drones get in the way

ammo tax in Seattle

meteor showers

you should work crashes, especially if you are a lease

did not have cameras back in Hamlet

Restart Reactor

Ottawa jail cut corner, say unions

it is cheap, relatively speaking, and the taxpayers are on the hook

And this is the recovery

Chinese Torture

Donald is not going anyplace

There were hidden machinations that did not work out,  that does not mean that he is going to be displaced,  but it will take a Dean.  were still waiting on whether Bernie  will  also take a post September dropping.

North v South

Do you wish you could do this

Bhutan's Blue Yeti

the sugar bottle commences

Scotland moves more heavily to SNP

they really do not want Corbyn

SNP wants a selection of candidates for Holyrood

NBC the winner in football (that is soccer to you heathens)

and the news should be in a few days for Jason Rezaian

can evny the be good for you?

Can Envy Be Good for You?

 you can skip  writing a food blog...  unless your friends are the same friends who read the New Yorker...

 and you can definitely skip Cultural Comment,  unless your giggling the way she does.

a conservative country shops a slightly less conservative country

there may be earthquakes

kids do not belong on Reality TV says ex-child star

must see Canadian bookstores

coal gasification

stocks rise

Bernie secures first endorsement

State of emergency

the Irish Times take

This will be tight this October

the photos taken by Robert Capa

The Return of the Frenchman


Marxists women open fire

"Just guess"

Clinton proposes debt free college

how Tump will benefit the real leaders, after they get their act together

The Atlantic

Still has pretty pics and dull text.


Looking Back At The Years Gone By Like So Many Summer Fields

Bucks, Does and Fawns        Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ

Hudson River From the Riparius Bridge             , Riparius, NY

Levy Between Canal and River                  New Brunswick, NJ

Looking into the Foot Hills                                Schoharie, NY

Riders At The Gate                     River Road Highland Park, NJ

Shady Grove                        Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ

The new BBC homepage

"Years of Swallow Winds"

 I am working on a novel,  set in the middle of the 2000s  and a bit beyond.  right now it is at the quarter way point,  with the bulk of that spent on part one -  of four different parts.  of the novel is about a Western man and an Eastern woman corresponding through chat with a few glimpses as they see each other only about once every four years.

The main part is then working there way through whether they love each other,  with a strong undercurrent of him not being what he appears to be.

if it has all the same the only thing to do is cut prices... ( gasoline division)

running out of money

pictures from the river

you can tell that the insiders want Bernie dead dead dead dead... because there slant is outside of the norm

In a first


Kafka on the Shore

the age of antibiotics is closing

this is nasty

the insiders want Trump out

The Kurds being shot at by both sides

Mor Hits 10 Aug

The Tale of European

2nd Uber video

China's inflation target misses

Istanbul violence

Kyoto saves once


retailers fight Dublin's car ban plans

Mexican activist killed

Argentines vote in presidential primary

How Fast?

gunfighter erupts at Ferguson protest