Saturday, August 8, 2015

She is more than just Lolita

Summer is Coming to a Close

5 women accused of witchcraft

Scotland to ban GM food

NYRB: portrait of an English village

CA protesters over police shootings

poor immigrants test Swedish limits

Stop when you heard this one: Congolese to for life

no campaign not only rattles Iran, but Israel

MS opens board to nominations

Australia cracks down on foreign homeowners

new theory: Neanderthals could see better then relate

heavy fighting for Zinjijbar

what is nature worth to you?

week Jaguar sales bit

BH gives up ground

Republicans turn on Trump

Janice Joplin final concert

food agency issues recall

British urged to defy Queen

the new Australian speaker will decide on meetings

leader set to quit Glasgow leadership

China raises for storm

it is a race between socialism and social democracy

UK government new of spy allegations

Uber is a CA employee

Watts still startles

dementia in the 40s

it finally gets said by the New York Times

The Victorian War - in Air

gay pride

Carly ready to rumble

4 dead in Rwanda

He's buried

Their Own Madness


Black listed

60 years ago...


Well the Summers are Hot and the Winters Get Cold Not Alot Smarter, But Another Year Old

30000 Feet Over Middle America

Down Town Kansas City Missouri 

Ice Formation Heldeburgh Escarpment John Boyd Thatcher Park

Summer Field Langley Road Amsterdam, NY

Sunlit Path  Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ

Washed Ashore  Raritan River New Brunswick, NJ

NYT Does Right

Look out below


her books are not just puzzles, and that is the point

Ignore the snobs - Agatha Christie was a true genius

 she did not really right  mystrere novels

comedy saved me

hackers target would be carphone warehouse

not much


LRB: Older

police shoot college football player

Novel and novellas of Mine

The Silent Sphere                              6.2
The Dogs of War                                6.4
Unqueachable Fife                             7.4
Red Zone                                           5.0
The Gospel of St. Question Mark         5.1                                  
The Lion, the Witch and CS Lewis       5.8
Love and War on the Marne    - 1        6.9
Das Urteil                                          9.1
Fall and Rise of the House of Salim     5.4

Noon Hits

MoHits 8 Aug

Deadly hurricane

Tunis Activist

Trump banned

Nude Marilyn

NDP pushs for change