Thursday, August 6, 2015

China Stocks - On the verge off popping?

Chinese Cities Need Investmest

Schumer is out

The Real Debate

Good Night.......

Down by the river

Do you remember?
Days down by the river-
On a hazy summers after noon.
Warm breezes coming off of the water-
Entangled in the heat of passion.
Nectar flowing like the water of the river.
River barges lumbering east and west.
Through the murky brown water-
And the lush green trees.
Not regretting the days before-
Trying to relive the moment.
The long summer days blur
Like the heat haze blurs;
The rivers murky brown water-
And the lush green of the trees.

D.Casabonne(C)8.18.2002 All rights Reserved


Cloudy cool days of summer, that make you
Think of days past.
Back to the days of your youth, when
The summer seemed to last forever.
Autumn was but a mid summers night dream.
The smell of the summer grass, cool air and Honeysuckle
Filled your senses for what seemed to be an eternity.

D.casabonne (C) 7/26/2000 All rights reserved


really, I am shocked, shocked I tell you

local chief a nuisance

Who can crack a sword?

I smell a rat...


Gary Rivlin’s ‘Katrina: After the Flood’

As the composer of a Katrina string quartet,  I always interested in what people do.


Not according them

Left Swarms Labour (UK)

Greece tax revenues dies

Singapore celebrates

Whose Winning (NY Times)

Boozoo gets link remove

your cord is spooking Wall Street

another setback for a new car company

gleaned from gourmet

The rift between Jews and Israelis grows wider

What wrong with te West?

the new president of the PRI

Jon Stewart

is Uber losing millions?

Leak suggests Uber 'losing millions'

 and is millions the right measure?

SPD wants more VISAs for Balkan

Edwaard Liang

17 Dead

Joe Will Be On This

on Miles

north of the great lakes lives the bear

I am going to say something

Please give to Ian Welsh,  because he needs money.  yes,  MJ and I are  poor as church mice,  but Ian Welsh slipping over the cliff.   - the editors

Image result for Ian WelshImage result for Ian Welsh

clothing for tall women

Democratic coronation

But I Could Have Told You Vincent This World Was Never Meant For One as Beautiful as You

Sun Through the Trees        Johnson Park, New Brunswick, NJ

Stone Arch and Turret                       Ocean Rd Point Judith RI

Narragansett Bay                                                       Galilee, RI

Fading Sun 48 Elm Street                                    Webster, MA

Ausable Gorge,                                                       Ausable, NY

Sunday in Johnson Park                               New Brunswick, NJ

the oyal business

"Ain't that just sad"

and in other sea news...

sea world profits plunge

G may show art thieves

this is not good for HRC

The last time we emailed you about a poll in New Hampshire six weeks ago, Bernie had cut Hillary Clinton’s once-large lead to a manageable ten point spread.
Now a new poll released just yesterday shows our campaign has closed to within four points in New Hampshire: 43% to 39%.That's not all. New polls in Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington show our campaign with all the momentum.
Once again be smart thing to do is be dumb thing to do.   The problem is that the  war hawks want Hillary,  and only Hillary,  and right now that is not the bet that  most people will take when they actually look.  

There are three formula:  do not go in,  go in and retreat;  go in large.  The problem is that people want to go in large when it is  inappropriate,  or they do not want to go in at all when going in  and retreating will work.  Thus there are three plans all of which will work in some cases,  but often not the case which they will be applied to.  Especially since the military always wants to go in large, appropriate or not.

the original hate on television

it seems someone in power thinks the way I do


from the words of Bernie

people are donating to planned parenthood in honor of ...

this is a sport for the formidable

there is not enough hours

orphans essay sets off debate

battling to save yesterday's avant-garde

bountiful is the word I would choose

Bar Mitz it is not

no, but you should convince other people to work for free ( for you)

Germany marches to the beat of its own drummer

dementia is another language which we learn to speak as we get older

Message from ZT

I’m taking over from Lawrence Lessig as Chairperson and CEO of MAYDAY PAC to fight the corruption hiding in plain sight: private donors controlling political speech and action. Will you help me continue fighting for you and against concentrated power?MAYDAY is a crowd-funded “super PAC to end all super PACs.” We’re working to elect a majority in Congress committed to passing public financing of elections, and to defeat those who want to block it.

disappearing words

Although it was used in the sixteenth century, in all of Shakespeare’s works worry appears just once—as a transitive verb denoting strangling or choking. Only in the Victorian era did its contemporary meaning come into widespread use. The advent of literary modernism in the twentieth century placed the personal inner world center stage. From James Joyce’s Leopold Bloom to Virginia Woolf’s Mr. Ramsay, worriers came to abound in the modernist canon.”

Does anyone see the problem with this phrase?  James Joyce and  Virginia Woolf   are  in the same range of literature.  at least pick two people from opposite sides of the pond.

when Jihadis are still exploring themselves

the best thing on PR

The Essential Detail

 normally there are better stories,  but rehashing the events of 1929 is not one of them.

post title here

I really ought to stop checking  Italian and Spanish because
1 I pronounce them wrong,  or rather in  there native language which comes out wrong,  
2  the only thing in the morning that they care about is football.  That is soccer to you.River Tigres

inside Royal bank of Canada's Latin woes

drug firms accused of overcharging

suicide bomber hits Arabia

cutting cord waves

Roman Totenberg’s Stolen Stradivarius Is Found After 35 Years

Meet the next leader of Venezuela

its not New York City

where the dull people happily live

a Canadian debate preview

Soudelor goes to Taiwan

the Australians admit they turned people back

This was a long time coming

Cosby ordered to give deposition


Suicide in Afghan

Mex Con

Temple Monk

Bach is a cruel master


Moon Earth