Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Tinderbox of Veracuz

PR Vermeer in Manhattan

Predeto-prey drives the future

CA could allow more felons

Luv iz ded

Stanford fights

Solar a threat

greece gets another crisis

Another Crisis in Greece as Migration Surges
You  can tell who won the crisis. It wasn't Greece.

Silver Snail

In South Korea parties locked in conflict over NIS scanda


Greece needs wider relief

Four Drivers on Uber have serious criminal records

Rebel Prisoners

throw back to the 70s

What does your boss make?

The chronicler of the dead

The Daily Show

Porn Censors

L'impossible censure des sites pornographiques

The impossible censorship of pornographic websites

Jump Quakes

GOP Leads

worlds best free diver vanishes

novels from Canada which CBC once you to read

Beirut is on the down swing, again

we needed prohibition, may be the Indians do as well

toc yas i emalb mih

it used to be that you did not have to apologize for anything in New York

Max is a gold mine

Its Hailing in Boston

 I do know if anyone has picked it up yet.

this is major Zeit talk fast, but now it is gone farther than that

more major league madness ( Russia division)

the quest to save Britain's relics

could be...

The gospel of Saint question mark

 is available:

Richard Freeman     
513 N. Central Ave.
Fairborn, OH 45324

the most Googled site on earth

does this look like a good idea?

some things means never

CA jumps containment line

Seattle makes a high-rise out of a low rise

Wired: the company you should know about

Inside the Company That’s Made Viral Videos Big Business

 you should also stop by and look at the cool Pluto pictures

PR the love of poetry and font

it is not this bad... it is worse, much much much much worse

in Mexico, photo journalists are being slaughtered

China cracks down on various forms of shortselling

Waiting for Godot

The Spinning Moths Coming to Italy

Beijing Rainbow

Yemen rebels driven from key airbase

He Lied


The Core

The Air We Breath

Russia warns

About Time....

SNP to create gender equal


Irish Rail Faces The Lender

Syria Is Dividing

Can We Reverse Age?


There Maybe Change coming to Alberta

Bots have rights

Smoke goes up in flame

Bodegas decline

Sweat sends secrets

Why Japanese are on the Rise