Sunday, August 2, 2015

Home prices surge .... in Melbourne

Pressure mount on police in Scotland

Critic's Notebook

Thomas Piketty New Book

It is a jungle

25% Cut

Women in Hate

Bush in Love

Lakes Rivers and Mountains

Grey December Day                   Loon Lake Chestertown, NY
Ausable Gorge                                                   Ausable, NY

The Elephants Trunk                   Ausable Gorge, Ausable, NY

Washed Ashore                    Raritan River New Brunswick, NJ

Young Lovers on a Park Bench Johnson Park, New Brunswick, NJ
Panther Mt in the Mist                                    Chestertown, NY

Or not....


Hello Berlin!

Third Man

A-Bomb Survivors



MI #1

The Battle for Trans Sex

Not so rosy

Pro-Con draw hundreds

Israel wrecks home, wants land

Bloomsbury bed hopping

Well not exactly, but close

China is King

Under statement

PR to brace for cuts

Saudi King cuts French visit

Wooosh from Greece

5 Myths About Genghis Khan

"The impunity of Israeli settlers, a scourge for West Bank"

Been and Gone

A clean sweep


Can we have a Revolution?

The Bay Get $5M

Uber Driver has Assault

Hits 2 Aug

Marlon Brando Rarely Heard Tapes