Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pakistan famous TV journalist

Bitcoin block by Australia

Bitcoin for Ransom

Kings are Kings

AusLab debates making Equal Marriage a PLV

Australasians in America

Almost done done with Godel-Turing-Nash

Will post AM.

House Bets Not The Same Stock Bets

Is Bernie Socialist?

Pluto N2 Glaciers

Culture of Fllm

The New Desert

Salary gap widens

Scots traditions not family.

New drugs require longer warning

Ready for Russia Pivot?

Then and Now: BJ in History

9/11 photographs

This is not right

9 in 10 drop out of unaccredited Law School in CA

Hungary new iron curtain

Trying To Play Him as Mozart Did

Dutch experts down almost 50% to Russia

Saudi announces cease-fire against Yemen

Turkey does not want action against IS but against PKK

Avedon on the sideshow

TNR: The wrong way to stop prostitution

Mid Morning Hits 25 Jul

A Bone to pick

Planets - then and now


The Tao of Tao

Try closer to 1000