Friday, July 24, 2015


What do you do when the monsters become real.
Do you look for them under the bed?
Do you see them when you walk down the street.
Do you see them hiding in the shadows, around every corner.
What form do they take, are they big green and slimy, or do they look like you and Me.?

Where do the monsters go when you don’t see them.
Do they get small like a Cockaroach and crawl into a dark crack in the floor.
Maybe they become a viscous slime and ooze into some dank corner.
Could it be they have houses and family’s, and are your next door neighbor.
Do the monsters live in your head or are they real.
Do they whisper in your ear at night, and tell you they're coming to get you.

Do you truly believe in monsters?
Look at your self in the mirror ,
That monster might be you.!
Do you believe in monsters.?
I do. 

D.Casabonne (C)10.16 01 All rights Reserved 

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