Sunday, July 19, 2015

Greek Banks open

Night Hits 19 July

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Rolling Stone: David Gilmour's New Song

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Election hurdles

Dublin Times 17 July

London Times only good link

Evening Hits 19 July

Greek debt relief possible - Merkel
Dozens killed in Aden heavy shelling
In China, a Massive New Supercity Rises Around Beijing
How NASA Nearly Missed the Trip to Pluto
Brussels Making a Strong Bid for an Art Scene
Syngenta’s Shareholders Voice Frustration Over Monsanto Offer
Inflation’s Steady Tick Poses Headaches in Congress
All should be indexed
Overtime Rules Seen Boosting Low-Wage Hiring
Racial turmoil in ‘Friendliest Town’ after the black police chief is fired
Stop laughing at Donald Trump
Yemen officials say rebel shelling kills at least 45
A Nice, Sarkozy compare Hollande à Tsipras
Le pianiste John Taylor est mort
Les propositions de Hollande sur la zone euro divisent la classe politique 11
State GOP's worst nightmare? Extended Trump run could thwart Republican reboot efforts
Hillary Clinton's political director brings key lessons from her own (losing) campaign
Our SF: Amusement parks and the pursuit of fun - San Francisco Chronicle
Customers at Playland-at-the-Beach (in 1948 it was called Whitney’s at the Beach) enjoy the thrills on the Big Dipper roller coaster, which was shut down in 1955 under a new city building code. Photo: Chronicle Staff Photo / The Chronicle 1948 / ONLINE_YES


Ukraine and rebels

I'm off to MIT

to teach HSSP about Relational Database Theory. 

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A Japanese soldier stands guard over American war prisoners (1942)
Mitsubishi to make key war apology
UK will help US destroy IS - Cameron
Former AC/DC drummer Rudd rearrested
S Korea spy dead in hacking scandal
If World Leaders Can Skip Deadlines, Why Can’t I?
Surviving Terrors to Bring Chad’s Ex-Leader to Trial
Legal fight between USC, UCSD could hobble Alzheimer's research
6 arrested in China after dressing room sex video goes viral
In quiet Ogden, Utah, a surprising glimpse of income equality
En Grèce, la hausse de la TVA exaspère les commerçants, « fatigués »
François Hollande vole au secours des éleveurs français
Libéraliser l'agriculture, le seul moyen de la sauver
Même en été, Hollande tient à se battre sur tous les fronts
Now we see why France why want out
A Checklist for GOP Hopefuls: A Super PAC and Lots of Money
From the other side
Boeing Warns on Flying Bulk Cargoes of Lithium Batteries
Human-Rights Lawyers Detained in China Confess: State Media
As quadriplegic man marks a milestone, his mentor suffers her own catastrophic injury
Racial turmoil in Md.’s ‘Friendliest Town’ after black police chief is fired