Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cosby in his own words

EU's popularity waning?

WSJ: China looks to regulate Internet commerce

It is a pet rock



Tsunami Theat Cancel after mag 6.9

Boston review: the blind spot in personal altruism

incoming shifts to Balkans

India say Obama will cut Putin's money

Monsoon session

Pena Nieto assume the error for the Chapo

Ireland to recommend a minimum wage hike

In the North Pole

Royals told to open files

inheritance tax to be reformed?

Thunderstorms in France

Orages : 35 départements en alerte orange

This is important,  because  France does not have good  treatments for this.

Rain to hit Cajon Pass

The First Steps to Europe

A Rare Monkey

In the fall of Liberty

She is not the only victicm

Greeks face 6 months of cash controls

Greeks face six months of cash controls | The Sunday Times

That the  official position anyway....

"Europe puts Greece on the rack"

women artists in Sao Paolo

Two Poem bi Xi Chuan

lax gun laws are more than a security issue

Lax Gun Laws Are Becoming a National-Security Issue

They are the next issue for dividing the Republic.

The Need to Keep Explore Space

Bee Keeper Arrested Over Greek Fire

Athens fire: Two beekeepers arrested - BBC News

I was worried that it it was terrorism.

Noon Hits 18 July

Les banques grecques ouvriront de nouveau lundi
En anticipant sa démission, Schäuble met la pression sur Tsipras et Merkel
Libéraliser l'agriculture, le seul moyen de la sauver
Dolphins kill each other's young
India's ancient self-mummified monk
King Salman of Saudi Arabia Meets With Hamas Leaders
S.F. on track to meet Vision Zero safety campaign goals - San Francisco Chronicle
Google self-driving car involved in 1st injury accident
Online diploma mill used mail drop in San Francisco - San Francisco Chronicle
Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security
Deaths of Latinos at the hands of police haven't drawn as much attention
Undocumented immigrants say Texas improperly denies birth certificates to their U.S.-born children
Poloz slashes rates & Tsipras concedes more cuts: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP - Business - CBC News

NASA gets Wired

A Ghost Airport

NYTimes: ISIS and the Lonely Young American

ISIS and the Lonely Young American

a war we were meant to lose

Brazil's government in turmoil

5 now dead in Tennessee

the British invented but not build

To Sex is to terrorize

Rout in the Boat

Morning Hits 18 July

Crédit photo: Manuel sous licence Creative commons.Greek reforms are 'going to fail'
Iran leader chastises 'arrogant' US
Dozens killed in Iraq car bombing
Cambodian tycoon Sok Bun charged over SaSa assault - BBC News
State had no right to withhold death penalty drug information, judge rules
Queen's Nazi salute footage is matter of historical significance, says paper
The Queen must go.
In Ukraine City, Odd Experiments Win a Niche
ISIS Has Fired Chemical Shells, Evidence Shows
Lotte World Tower Rises, and Leery Koreans Watch
In Iowa, the first faceoff between Clinton, Sanders and other rivals
Islamic State says it’s behind deadly Iraq attack
The Whites of Our Eyes
The end of capitalism has begun
Tsipras écarte les frondeurs de son gouvernement
He has become a parody.
Los republicanos se estrellan contra el voto hispano de cara a 2016
Faites repartir vos iris du bon pied
Milano, assemblea Pd: Matteo Renzi in diretta - Repubblica Tv - la
Latest NDP ad a compelling bit of anti-Conservative narrative - Politics - CBC News