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Beyond A Bailout: Greece Needs Debt Relief, IMF Says

33 year-old ethical ex-Goldman banker fans Greek Furies

A Banker with Ethics?   Whats this world coming to

New Yorker: The Tale of Genji

Guardian editors says

The Greek parliament has voted by a large majority to accept the tough package of tax rises, pension reforms, spending cuts and sweeping economic liberalisation which the eurozone demands before agreeing a third bailout.
Despite the Syriza rebellion, 229 MPs voted ‘yes’ (or Nai), 64 voted ‘no’ (or Oxi), and 6 abstained.

100 hits for Greek Revolt

For a small blogs, that is huge. The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Greece Revolts (More Picts)

Riots at anti-austerity march in Greece (Reuters)

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Pluto Surprises

Greece Revolts (More Picts)

Des policiers anti-émeutes évitent la flamme d'un engin explosif à Athènes, le 15 juillet.

Πεδίο μάχης το Σύνταγμα με μολότοφ και χημικά

 the Canadians are now in:
Greece protests turn violent ahead of austerity vote - Business - CBC News
Euclid Tsakalotos

Protest have turned violent
Germany dismisses human rights fears.
Greece crisis: Latest updates - BBC News
Protests in Athens turn violent as Tsipras urges MPs to back him
It  seems as if the protest worked,   they are putting it on front page now. They  our telling us that most protests are peaceful...  it does not look that way,  it seems like there is a violent center among peaceful protests. Which  is a very large distance from peaceful protests.
None of the America  news outlets have a whisper.  It seems like 2004  and Iraq,  or the bombings in Spain.
Still nothing on America outlets.

Greek protests

protester clashes with riot police in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens on July 15, 2015

So much for peaceful... morons. They are pasting scanty models on some Greek websites...


Λευκός καπνός ύστερα από διαπραγματεύσεις "φωτιά": Agreekment

Go see the Greece debt crisis: Tsipras facing eurozone deal revolt - BBC News

London Times:
Riot police stand amongst the flames from exploded petrol bombs thrown by a small group of anti-establishment demonstrators in front of parliament in Athens, Greece July 15, 2015. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras battled to win lawmakers’ approval on Wednesday for a bailout deal to keep Greece in the euro, while the country’s creditors, pressed by the IMF to provide massive debt relief, struggled to agree a financial lifeline.

nothing in pravda but an take on the VAT

Greece: Agreement... but at what price? - English

( the   Germans said it outright:  why do not you leave the euro?  it is the  elites of Greek society that do not want to leave - The Sorcerer's Apprentice: game theory for dummies)

Boycott Germany

East and West

Base of Indian Ladder Waterfall Heldeburgh Escarpment John Boyd Thatcher State Park

Creek Bed   Schoharie, NY

Looking into the land of OZ  Kansas City Missouri

Narragansett,  RI

                                                    Swan on Ell Pond Melrose, MA

Loonie drops to 6 year low

An Uber Lift Blow

Uber settles San Francisco crash death case - BBC News

People will eventually figure out that Uber is a scam.  They were hoping that endlessly cheap vehicles would be the entrance in to what was  a free market,  where they did not have  to provide anything of value except a cell phone.  Paris did not take the bait,  and arrested two Uber  executives.

Greek PM admits that it will be difficult to carry on

Early Afternoon Hits - 15 July

Yellen Faces Off With Congress
Greece Awaits Parliamentary Vote Paving Way for Bailout
You know which side the money people want.
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This is more important than Greece.
Time to Push the Loan Limits?
Make-or-break moment as MPs prepare to vote on austerity proposals
Tsipras on the brink as Greek austerity vote looms large
Cameron take note: threatening the EU gets you nowhere
And  this is the Tories talking.
General Election: 2015 or 2016? Enda Kenny's strange method to decide when to call election
Irelands  politics is strange even by strange standards.
After Years of Drought, Wildfires Rage in California
What Campaign Filings Don’t Show: Super PACs’ Sway
Disney Unveils Plans for Shanghai Megaresort

Ya Think?

The Scorpion and the Frog

This is going to get ugly

L'hémicycle de l'Assemblée nationale.

It was Isaac Asimov who once observed that things would collapse for an institution,  the third time it just needed to watch the news.  But it is that moment when the ordinary people get mobilized,  and things would get ugly...

... it is happening now with Greece.  Even the WSJ is, very tepidly,  involved.

Greece debt crisis: Tsipras facing eurozone deal revolt - BBC News
Make-or-break moment as MPs prepare to vote on austerity proposals
Germany’s Destructive Anger
Greece Awaits Parliamentary Vote Paving Way for Bailout
Griechenland : "Der wichtigste Tag Griechenlands seit der Diktatur" | ZEIT ONLINE
Plan d'aide à la Grèce : à l'Assemblée, qui va voter quoi ?
EN DIRECT - «Abandonner la Grèce, c'est nous abandonner nous-mêmes»
La mitad de la dirección de Syriza se rebela ante la votación del rescate

Again,   it is to note that the Spanish speaking countries have written off Greece along time ago. They knew which way the wind was blowing.

I have put David's pictures on the side view

The are just to good to drop into the distance.

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NDP leads for a minority government

Federal election 2015: Keep on top of election trends with CBC's Poll Tracker - Politics - CBC News

The biggest battle is in Ontario,  which has a large-ish block of Tories,  and a rising city group of Dippers.  Just think what kind of bozos elected the most recent ex mayor of Toronto,  who obviously think that his antics were right on the mark - which is saying something.

CBC News | Éric Grenier's Poll Tracker

This shows how tight everything is in the various provinces,  the NDP  leads on both coasts,  where the Tory leads in the  West.  which means that the  battle is  in Ontario,  as just mentioned.

Play Down the arrogance

if you are American you should do this

Sign Up for IRS Summertime Tax Tips

Getting summertime  hints from  the IRS.

NDP seeks advice on preparing to govern - quietly

Morning Hits Get Up - 15 July

Federal election 2015: Keep on top of election trends with CBC's Poll Tracker - Politics - CBC News
Bank of Canada interest rate decision: To cut or not to cut? - Business - CBC News
Greek deputy finance minister resigns ahead of crucial vote ABC News Greece's deputy finance minister Nadia Valavani resigns as the parliament readies to vote on… More
CFMEU whistleblowers Brian Miller and Andrew Quirk sacked for going public about alleged organised crime infiltration - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Fears families will go hungry as critical food shortage hits WA charity1 hour ago
One of Western Australia's biggest charities is experiencing a shortage of frozen food, sparking fears they could struggle to meet current demand for hot meals.
Nasa probe survives Pluto encounter
'Auschwitz book-keeper' Oskar Groening sentenced to four years - BBC News
China's 7% second quarter growth beats expectations - BBC News
Yellen Sees U.S. on Path to Raise Rates This Year
China’s Bid for Chip Giant Signals Lofty Ambitions
U.S. Producer Prices Rise 0.4% in June - WSJ
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Nuclear Deal Pits Obama’s Faith in Talks vs. Skeptics
Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton
Big Labor prepares to pounce
Appeals court rules against nuns' 'religious freedom' claim | MSNBC
The photographers obsessed with the crumbling sphinx
US triumphs in 'hardest ever' maths Olympiad | Science | The Guardian
Une étape décisive dans la guerre judiciaire du Front national
Grandes cavales #3 : Antonio Ferrara, le maître de l'évasion
Acuerdo nuclear: Obama repite con Irán la estrategia usada con Cuba | Internacional | EL PAÍS
 it is interesting that the Spaniards are interested more in Iran then with Greece

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Greece debt crisis: IMF attacks EU over bailout - BBC News
KFC owner Yum sales take another hit in China - BBC News
New Horizons: Tension mounts over Pluto signal - BBC News
Industry Canada report paints gloomy picture of manufacturing
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For U.S., deal means pistachios and carpets
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Ellen Pao left Reddit. The site’s problems didn’t leave with her.
The homeless man who went to Harvard Law with John Roberts - The Washington Post
Sticker shock: SF home prices up as much as 76% since 2011 - On The Block