Monday, July 13, 2015

A Dog, Birds A Trail and a Road

Sophie Webster, MA

Sea Gull (What are you lookin at Bub) Point Judith RI

Turins  Point Judith RI
                        Trail to Vroomans Nose Middleburgh, NY  Courtesy of Elijah Casabonne

                                         White School House Rd    Chestertown, NY

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Virtuous Paedophiles

Little Ice Age?

World could face another 'Little Ice Age' - IOL SciTech

Reading through the details,  a 20% chance.  I think this is more climate denial,  but it is obvious that it needs to be tested.

No I Just Needed To Post This

Looking for Van Gogh


New Horizons set for Pluto flyby
Deep sea volcanoes found off Sydney
Deadly barracks collapse in Russia
Tax sugary drinks by 20%, say doctors
Share a password, get fired?
I’m the only journalist alive to have interviewed Harper Lee – and it’s all thanks to Gregory Peck
In my heart, I am a gamer
Five things we learned from the new Batman v Superman trailer | Film | The Guardian
Malgré l'accord, les banques grecques restent fermées
Pénalités de l'UMP : le parquet de Paris réclame un non-lieu
Estados Unidos e Irán abordan los últimos escollos para el acuerdo
Movimiento migratorio de Keiko Fujimori revela rastro del dinero con el que pagó sus estudios | Noticias del Perú |
“En economía, fujimorismo y el Apra no son oposición” | Noticias del Perú |
Bristol rebaja en 35% precio de fármaco contra el VIH, pero no deja el monopolio | Noticias del Perú |
El hombre que talló la lucha | Noticias del Perú |
Star Wars actor Harrison Ford appears at Comic-Con - BBC News

and two very  different takes from the former Bopnews  crowd:

Oxi Means… “Maybe”: The Vote in Greece | Open Source with Christopher Lydon
Yet another deal | Ian Welsh

dog fight in trouble over the results from F-35

Deal Reach

Game Theory

It says a great deal about the game  theoreticians that  only just now  are they talking about the game theory of leaving the euro,  when in fact they should have been talking about this for a long time. One of my game theoretic approaches was involved with this war a long time.  This with a game theoretic approach that is taught to high schoolers.  that is right high schoolers have got the game down pat, why cannot adults do the same thing?  Do  they have buttons on their cell phones that the grown-ups do not have?