Sunday, July 12, 2015


Blind Voice

What is this thing

This voice in my head

Am I sleeping

Am I dreaming

No I am awake

Watching the hands of time

 wash away my dreams

No more I say

No more am I awake

I am dreaming this life

to walk to the next

Burning fire, cool dank forests crystal water

I dance on the highway

Stroll down city streets

Looking at faces that are

as blank  as  the minds that they

are looking out of

We are all children looking  for

a way out or a way up

Ascending to the divine or

descending  into the fire

Hoarding absolution

Burning with revolt to evolve

Subdued by prejudice and hate

by society and law

We are all dying  for what

we think is freedom

We are blind

David Casabonne 2.11.2009 All Rights Reserved


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Lakes and Rivers

         AutumnWater         Tributary off of the Hudson River  Riparius, NY

Glimmerglass            Loon Lake Chestertown, NY

Looking North             Bolton Landing Lake George, NY

 December                Quinebaug River  Dudley, MA

October               Rensselaerville Falls  Rensselaerville, NY

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To teach high school students about relational databases.

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