Sunday, June 21, 2015

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That's 2 for summer.

from the brain of brueckl

Epeolatry = Worship of words

                    Shalloon tussah tittles wadmal the zibeline
                    pongee disinterring -- lickety-split -- the stiff
                    upper lip nuzzling the crotchet ulvose yelve,
                    the azuline ardass vadosity of aeneous
                    vadiation-strictures gulixing the too-toothy
                    stagma of speustic sparsiles' starrified Y or
                    'hh' sound:  tenellous declination shrunk to
                    epeolatry parasitasters' tantupled tauroboly
                    trifling with quatsched slipslop squit
                    interpuncting aororae -- schwa-gaunt-
                    exacting tootle-vappous tornatils'
                    trajectitious dung-fork weequashing the
Accreted taint with gravidly beveled edges

                              Squat sparkles smother the fat-crusher's
                              fumigated spliff inuring one to soak in the light
                              of dismembered sinuosities' ricocheting
                              headdress as fuckheaded cooties drawdown
                              crotchless panties emitting no light while
                              tonguelessly depraved prickbricks burple no
                              faboosh or aporetic xoolo.

Poetomachia flosculation jirbles

Dimity of steep-sleet crackle-slither levigates me, alembic organon breeze-blown in the baggy, whittled, ellipsoidal, isochronal fritillary.
Naevoid dottle reticulated in the wanweird, crossbuck railroad signal, a blow-thru-cockgormlessly epopt: the heptagon & nonagon eluded Euclid.
Bullet rosettes of squitchy spats cornobbled in the chrysopoeia of iridial xerarch: cuppeddrub-luff in the rimed moot zoot kazoo loop moat.
A vibrating strip of catgut cut in long nootka facets of orthogonally contiguous smears ofexfoliated trochees under an erumpent poon tree.
Putted the din on the pectolite gelicide, eyebbite maxixe foppotee, sphene shench, an achingly dropdead moll-buzzer in bridelope satinspar.
Hiulcity nuddle nazzard's hoik sprots hone the sweaty stench of huipiles' heavy, musty, stale fug: I mabble up the shouty slibbersauce.
Snawky shoongavels funkify ischial callosities faffling over the shongable schorl imparting a pink tint inundated with gleimous phlegm.

  their is more on the web,  and you should read it if you are so inclined.