Sunday, February 8, 2015

Canto 20 , - Note on Petrarch



1260 - 1320
1295 - 1368

 ascension  Midsummer Italian April 6 1327
 to make  a grateful his venue
 has a punishment a day 1000 offices
 clandestine,  love repressing sideshow

I week is sold on time
 m forrtue is a compass
 lost distant from prime
 I definition in all
 was the day that the weekend
 from the guilty Cage across the

 news is in the early
 when I ice give gently for you
 in the name which
 described my lovei
 the sound of the first suite the section
 your state revealed contravention

 direct forsaking any piece of mendacity
 icy to advance my decision from my family
 very directly a proper image solitary day
 and is a stage from Sylvan's I rage
 song I never may quash
 which send as precious for
 the seat and the buyer which to present the sentences
 I was inflamed by  keys
 and what followed them reaches above
help to of her I wished made honored
not for another figure is the crown of laurel

 oh aspire her of celestial enemy by rest and
rest and diversion of prayers and i or voice me/

plays celestial malicious choking fumes transgress power
 most of traders and wines surfaced the
you change the travesty principal roles and Ennio bells
 Laura is in Babylon how I
 show scattered sparsely in warm a scattered density

 the year of fire
 fountain of the devilaub
 Temple of Paris and will of error
 once room Babylon falls
 for all we aspire
 desire there sparks that fortune wise us in tears
 and in flight and games mattered wa
  cribs and  Laura's soft caress
Laura P and takes the love from me
new middle or lots including fire it is not possible to count
 which is not comprehended that hour of life
 the eyes serene and stellar
 that plenty and raises of pearls breast to  a pod
 my venture and hammer and silken trappings
 and I waited and others he is how can
S' i' 'l dissi
 be translated from Italian to English
206  will never be known in an under state
S' i' 'l dissi

 attempting yes auditable that lies in grooves site from
 the days velocity under which
ab experto
 witches Angels
 endings being touched of
 new thoughts of brightness
 last through their message
 door prayers forgotten shape go past heard


 these these are notes for P  sonnets
 there are inordinate places where Italian
 and only Italian on my  Italian one might add
 is the only language,  possible and not just with  sonnet
 206,  though that is the best,  or worst,  example of them.