Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Idea for Blizzards and Other diasters

Usually, the normal roads and bridges can handle much of the ebb and flow of traffic. But occasionally this is not the case, and higher forces must step in and say that only emergency vehicles, or vehicles of a certain type must get through.  This is a proposal to handle this,  and is meant to get a discussion going,  even if the final product looks very different from this.

Right now Boston, there is an example where the days of snow are gone, and there has to be clean up, and it is during this cleanup time, where the snow is gone but there is still plenty of slush on the ground. This means that ordinary traffic should not be allowed, especially when they are our circumstances beyond the public's control. For example here in Boston,  there is a building on Charles Street which has to be handled.

What I would suggest is there are three types of traffic which will be warned away,  casual traffic, traffic that can be moved to another day,  and traffic which is installed with things which do not need to be done immediately. Each of these forms of traffic can be given a code,  which will move them to another day.

0       Normal traffic
1       Emergency traffic
2       Traffic
3       Re-routable traffic

Normal traffic means there is no restriction, a default if you will, and in most cases, this will be the default.

Emergency traffic is really that - traffic that needs to go through, whatever the cost.  there will of course be some " not really emergency traffic" going through, people are corrupt and we should knew that. but in the normal flow of things this will be things like emergency services, and people who will man the very most essential of services.

"Traffic" in the broadest sense, are people doing their jobs, and this can be checked by, for example,  a ID system. This will mean that the people driving this sort of traffic will be where they are supposed to be,  or if they have some emergency,  the ID system will know about it.  or they will be arrested.

The last sort of re-routable traffic means that this will be restricted to people who do not need to be there on this particular day, in other words it's underneath, not above, the normal flow of traffic.

When and emergency is declared, it may mean that a given flow will be discouraged from use. for example normal car traffic, or traffic will automatically be delayed,  and signals sent to the drivers, and to the patients.

This way even after the storm has passed, it may be that the day afterwards normal traffic will be discouraged. We already have this for school traffic,  but it needs to be extended,  and plug in to a grid.

For example, there are vehicles which do not need to be here, and should be fined for being here. There also me be traffic, such as military, which has a higher priority than normal.

Canto 19 - Tolkien

An unexpected party comes to Light
roast mutton is on table a steaming
is short rest before being eaten
over Hill and Underhill    cheek by jowl.
Riddles in the dark begin circulating
out of the frying pan in the fire the answers came fast.
Queer lodgings filled with signs
flies and spiders eating and Excreting.
Barrels out of bound Bearing a deliriously
a warm welcome and salutations
on the doorstep    of inebriation's.
inside information,     tells those who have yet it
not at home      nor will it be long.
Fire and water     are brewing below,
the gathering of the clouds     will thicken gracefully.
A thief in the night    will clap his hands magically
the clouds burst     and a journey home.
The return journey    that was promised long ago,
the last stage     is over and done.

A long expected party,    with balloons.
The shadow of the past    is passing bye, wavinng.
three years company    a not a word is spoken.
A short cut to mushrooms    which we stick in our pockrts.
A conspiracy unmasked    by mask defense.
The old Forest     was blossoming in to Spring.
In the house of Tom Bombadil    the is plenty and then some.
of fog on barrow-down,    no one questions the resolve
at the sign of the prancing pony    who prances by your faces.
stridor   is waiting for 
a knife in the dark   to your guts and eyelashes
like to be ford   that winds it way.

Many meetings   are begun amidst
the Council of Elrond   whose members know
the ring goes South    a is swooned in shadowed
in the dark   belay that 
the bridge of Kahazad-dum     lies in waiting for touch
Lothlorien   who waits  alike with
the mirror of Galadriel      with which she protects herself.
Farewell to Lorien     upon the ends of the earth.
The great River    rushing and washing
the breaking of the Fellowship    and needs no more bluster to being
carried on into darkest.

The departure of Boromir    an undiscovered place   alone
the riders of Rohan     knew it beyond a whisper,
the Uruk-hai     road there.     
Treebeard     hunted them willingly.
The white  rider    was going  so swiftly to
the King of the Golden Hall     offering such sage advice as was his want.
Helm's deep    board deep into
the road to is inregard    the and broad and filled with woe.
Floastsome and Jetson    were strewn about  like vigils in the midst.
The voice of Saruman    called willingly to
The Palantir    and so far beyond.

The taming of Smeagol     was obtained by tricks and traps  along
The passage of the Marshes      with feet of straw.
The black gate is closed     and closed is but a wish
of herbs and stewed rabbit     to create as if by persuasion.
The window on West     opens to the north,
the provision pool      is rotten with stench
journey to the cross for us     will never be the same until
the stairs of Cirith Ungol    collapse into eternal darkness  and
shelob lair    will consume us all  but four
the choices of master samwise    who, unsurprisingly, has a scheme
that he'll pursue.

Minas Tirith    called out for strangers.
The passing of the grey company     was built into the very being
muster of Rohan      and girded the men at arms
the siege of Gonder     and its plight unmatched.
The ride of the Rohan     first must pass through until
the battle of the Pelennor    would be fought,  though a draw declared.
The part of Deethor    was the price of victory,
the houses of healing    could do no more but  enter
The last debate    and close its heart,  even though
black gait opens    and the dead go to their places.

the tower of Cirith Ungol   was waiting for its vengeance.
The band of shed     girded its flesh until    
Mount Doom  erupted,
The field of cornAllan would say it is over.
the steward and King     danced until peace was declared,
many Partings     were voiced,
homeward bound     would be called.
The scoring of the shire     was a feature that would call
 the Grey Havens     unto darkness and beyond.