Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Canto 17 - Chopin

Canto 17


That's enough; I may be a bore you with these banalities,
and I would hate to do anything to you that you dislike
if you can write me two words
forgive me for sending you the waltz.
Perhaps it will make you angry enough with me,
but I really did want to send you the pleasure,
for I do love you desperately.

You will perhaps wonder how I
got such a mania for your letter writing;
this is the third to you in such a short time.
I have done a ecstasies on form
except these picture galleries,
I have looked again at anything in Dresden
it is enough to see the moon again Alton once.

As soon as we move in:
my piano manufacturer will send us an instrument.
I send this letter relying on your mercy.
Your tree use my dealer follow have long been finished;
in the a B person I have swallowed your manuscripts in two by repertoire;
your concerto will be performed this month
at the Conservatory contest by Adams pupils.

It is enough to say
what needs to be said, and get set again,
for righteous purposes left undone.

Lachrymose as yet unformed and finished;
and yet as unremote as any eventuality,
that any flower would be wretched in its form.

It is snowing so hard here,
that the numbers grow to infinity and beyond.
Op. list 12 variations on a theme by Ludovic
for more days.
17 for the circus.


It is at the number of the beast,
and and some rural context that Earth of avows,
Taking no more tense than it can handle,
and by and by, no more sense then it demands.
A classic and then some, though shining in its example.
To the given to Hannah Lynn doing to Chopin
who will still Closely guess to whom it will be delivered.
13th of December 1841
three in the night; stars.
Nocturnes I have to choose the words that I know how to spell.

Page 3 page 5, for 5 read page 3.
I promised to write a few words yesterday evening.
In England fee to Chantelle the arrangements are most luxurious:

Opus 31 Scherzer
Opus 33 four Mazurkas
Opus 34 three waltzes
Opus 35 Sonata
Opus 36 second impromptu
Opus 37 two Nocturnes
Opus 38 Ballade
Opus 39 third scherzo
Opus 40 two Polon Asia's
1000 in complements to Mme. I kiss your children
1000 complements dassassin complements from Sand

The new new is coming in
 a print with a big nnoose
yes it's coming in the can
you feel how dry it is no?


Paris as usual.
Opus 55 two not turns for piano
Opus 56 three mazurka's for piano


To Messrs. Breath golf and Parker,
or some other such name as may be convenient,
because really what is in a name?
When everyone knows that it is just a fantasia
on words.


Here is what you have Marie's right to you
 we have had your good news,
 and we are happy that you are pleased
 for more days.
 a droning with indications gallery entrance corridor etc.
 he is the only one who has these blouses.
 I send you the Tarantella.
 E kind and copy it but first go to less finger or two Jude is.
 see Clive I don't know whether it is written in six states or 12/8.
 I would like to read it the way receiving has it.
 if it is not more than for instance 1015 20 or even 30.
 make playable give you a copy of my 
pralines and take all of my attitudes from Celeste major.

[ a character unto letter]

 yesterday I was at the  Italian opera.

[ the last words which ship line Road in pencil on a sheet of letter paper]

As this cough will choke me,
 I implore you to have my body opened,
 so that I may not. Be buried alive.